Painting, drawing and DPI "Russian enamel"
ARTinvestment.RU   10 октября 2018

October 13 auction house "Antiquarium" will auction a collection of paintings, drawings and decorative-прикладного art. In the auction catalogue of lots 170: the earliest date from the early nineteenth century, completed the bidding work of our contemporaries

Online-каталог auction.

One of the top-лотов auction — sculpture "Pensive girl", created by a young I. D. Shadr influenced by the work of Auguste Rodin, in whose Studio he studied in the years 1910-1911. The sculpture was donated by the author A. M. Kuzmina, a colleague of I. D. Shadr 2-й the Moscow factory of storing state papers, which the master was appointed chief designer.

up For auction are three graphic works by famous Russian Cubists-futurists A. Kruchenykh, K. M. Zdanevich and M. V. Matyushin. To the same period first quarter of the twentieth century, is a unique, decorative vase, painted by the hand of Feodor Chaliapin.

the Second quarter of the twentieth century, noted for such works as "still life" by I. Fisher, "portrait of a woman" N. A. Usina, "Self-Portrait" By K. I. Rudakov.

a Pupil of the 7th class mshsh at Institute. V. I. Surikov E. Bulatov performed student pencil portrait of a man. By 1950-м years is "Landscape" A. T. Zvereva from the collection of A. M. Khmeleva, poetess and Muse of many artists and poets of the "second Russian avant-garde".

the Artists-нонконформисты richly represented at the auction, in particular, for such works as "Portrait" E. S. Kurochkina, "In the rhythm of the dance" by N. E. Vechtomova, "hymn" in O. Y. Rabin, "images of Women" and "Rustic motif" V. P. pyatnitskogo.

the Auction will take place on October 13, 2018 in the halls of the Auction house "Russian enamel" at the address: Moscow, Nizhny Kislovskiy lane., 6, p. 2. Start of trading in 19:00.

Tel: 7 495-792-48-92; 7 985-969-77-45; e-mail:

Source: press-релиз the Auction house "Russian enamel"

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