The tenth anniversary auction "Among Collectors"
ARTinvestment.RU   09 октября 2018

4 Oct auction house "Among Collectors" presented to the public a selection of ceramics, earthenware and porcelain. The estimate was not, and the total starting price of lots 427 was 62.9 million rubles

For anniversary auction auction house "Among collectors" collected catalogue of lots 427, entitled "Collection of domestic porcelain, faience and ceramics of XIX–XX centuries". The word "collectible" was used for a reason: the vast majority of subjects were author's copies.

In the hall for this event came more than twenty people, and the number of players in the Network in which-то the time has passed for thirty-six.

Total number of participants amazes imagination, but that didn't stop the Auction house to collect 50.7% of the average of the start of the directory, i.e. 31.9 million RUB From 427 lots sold was 168 — 39.3 per cent of the total number of items. The greatest activity during the auction showed the players in the Network: they made 110 transactions, i.e. won 65.4% of the lots sold. On tight the systems were hall (26 purchases — 15,5 %), absentee bids (20 lots — 11.9 per cent) and telephone (12 wins — is 7.2 %). Threshold of 100 thousand RUB crossed the fifty-six lots, or 33.3% of the sold volume.

groupbuy at the end of trading was headed by two of the lot. The first was a tea set tete-а-тет created at the State porcelain factory in 1933 (the author of the form "Commissariat" Sergey V. Chekhonin, the artist M. N. The moss). The service was number thirty with a starting price of 1.6 million rubles. the Struggle between an absentee bid and a room was short: with the second rate of 1.7 mln. won the hall.

Together with the service of the state porcelain factory put out to the top of sales rose porcelain figurine "Pilot A. P. maresiev" — author's copy of Olga Petrovna Taiga (Jesuino). This work, created in the late 1950-х years at Dulevo porcelain factory, started from 1.29 million RUB and was most attracted to the Internet: after a busy auction price for a work stopped on the same mark as that of the set, — of 1.7 million rubles.

In second place, almost reaching up to the leaders, was another author copy — porcelain figurine "Chub and the deacon", created by the sculptor Peter Vasilyevich Sorokin and artist Margarita M. Shepelev in 1954. Work based on the works of N. Gogol "the Night before Christmas" was rated high enough, and the bargaining began with 1.2 million rubles Gogol's characters relished party absentee rate, and the player on the Network, but perseverance helped the latter to win: work was sold for 1.6 million in.

Third place also had to be divided into two, and the company it turned out female. It all started with the sale of the author's copy of the statue "the Mistress of Copper mountain (Actress Tamara Makarova)". The model for this work was established by the ASTA Davydovna Brzezicki on Dulevo porcelain factory in the years 1948-1951. Bidding started with 990 thousand rubles., but the confrontation between the hall and the Internet raised the value of the object up to 1.2 million for which he was sold in the Internet.

the Company "Hostess" on the third step of the price rating was a triptych of Eugenia Iljinichna Gatilova "Bathhouse" — "Bathhouse", "Hot" and "Nude with towel", models for which date back to 1981, 1982 and 1995 respectively. Here already there were no surprises – all three for 1.2 million rubles. took a successful party on the phone.

the Most active players in the hall and a considerable part of the absentee rates fell on a selection of items Irina Vyacheslavovna, Yuri Borisovich, Nelly Nikolaevna, Sanrio. The most expensive among the lots of great family of wonderful artists-фарфористов became decorative refill the kettle 1964 work of Yu. b. Sanrio. Laconic item caused the most rapid bidding for the entire auction: launch 3.4 thousand RUB two players in the hall arguing for the kettle to 22 thousand rubles, and thereby raised it to the top in the rankings for price growth (6.4 times).

In the section of works of the family of Sanrio special mention is a series of plaster figurines N. N. Ganrio, almost entirely bought up by absentee rates.

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