Peter passed the next auction of paintings in the format of "Art for booze"
ARTinvestment.RU   11 июля 2018

Aesthetics was chosen to match the beats led wet COP clip "Peter — to drink", and the auction step was one drink equivalent to 250 rubles

In this city you just never know: like entourage "okololegochnykh", and morality, in fact, sober than drink, it's better to spend the money on art. The principle is simple: barter in the hall, and then pay at the bar as for the drink, but only take home pictures instead of hangover and remorse. Guests can combine — is not forbidden.

Fooling around the artists and the organizers of this trash-аукциона for the third time. So, the format caught on. Current auction "Art for booze", last weekend held in green hall DK Lensoveta, St. Petersburg led the actor Anton Bystrov-Мокрый he policeman Vova Piterskiy from the clip Sergei Shnurov "Peter — to drink."

"Alcohol" to pay for art it was worth quite a bit. A bottle of champagne — 1 000, red wine — 2,000 rubles, chacha — 3000 rubles, a bottle of whiskey — 4 000. Steps for bidding in the auction, measured in drinks: 250 rubles for each.

In the auction of 2018 participated "Grand-student" of Kazimir Malevich Gennady Zubkov, Svetlana Tsvirkunova, the acclaimed author of "the Cats of famous artists" Andrey Sikorsky, Creator of the creative Association "Cornflowers" Irina Vasilyeva, author of prints for the underground collection CHANEL Yevgeny Butenko, "the Prince of St. Petersburg pop-арта" Stanislav Kazimov, actionist Alexey Kiryanov, and young naive artist from Moscow Yulia and Yulia Kartoshkin Stulnig, and others.

According to the results. One of the most expensive items of the thrash-аукциона was the picture of Alexey Kiryanov "a Glass of red wine never hurt anyone!" is worth three bottles of whiskey in the bar gave 12 000. "The girl" Ales Lalush bought for eight and a half bottles of champagne (8 500 rubles). And one of the most talked about lots — "Paul Telegramme" (portrait of Pavel Durov, seen at a rally for Internet freedom) — was sold for 11.5 bottles of champagne (11 500 rubles in the Moscow equivalent).


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