Archive of restaurant "Russian samovar" — at the auction "Russian enamel»
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"Russian Samovar", located in the heart of new-Йорка, Manhattan — meeting place of the whole Russian emigration, and 720 items included in the directory — is ready exposition, a monument to "Russian culture in exile»

17 Feb 13:00 "Antiquarium" puts up for auction a unique collection of — archive of restaurant "Russian samovar. the Collection to be exhibited in one lot.

According to the remark of one of the regulars, the poet Anatoly Naiman, is a gastronomic institution had, without exaggeration, sacred meaning, being the meeting place of those who, seemingly, nowhere and never could meet. Here gathered the whole Russian emigration. Esteemed it his duty to look into the "Samovar" and compatriots arriving in new-Йорк when the iron curtain fell and the borders opened. Frequented by American and European stars. Almost all visitors to — writers, artists, actors, photographers, musicians, athletes and politicians — "have a hand" to the guest album: the who-то wrote poetry, who-то drew who-то pasted picture with a comic caption. Poets and writers gave a hospitable host autograph books, artists — their work. So, for thirty years formed a unique collection. Many celebrities appear on the pages of "samovar books" in a completely unexpected role: the poet is a skilled draftsman, drama actor — subtle lyricist, and the bard — cook... In 1990-х years in "Russian Samovar" had a strong fire, part of the collection hanging on the walls, — were killed, but miraculously all guest books have been preserved: they are literally made of fire. These "fireproof manuscripts" — a unique artifact of the era, capturing the multifaceted cultural environment, and analogue — no.

More than 50 lots of the collection directly associated with Joseph Brodsky. Three books of poems and two drawings with the famous cats presented a Novel and Larissa Kaplan with humorous and poetic inscriptions. Two cartoon Brodsky the work of Michael Belomorskogo and portrait of the artist painted by the poet directly in the "Russian samovar". Photos of Joseph Brodsky made by famous masters, including one of the most famous and expensive photographers in the world, Annie Leibovitz, Martha Cazenave, Leonid Lubianitsky, mark Polyakov, and also a series of portraits of Michael Lemkin and last lifetime image of "the last shooting" Brodsky, made in December 1995, Sergey Bermeniev.

the absolute value is guest # 1 album on the page which 30 December 1995, Brodsky wrote the famous line "Winter! What can we do in new-Йорке?.."dedicated to the "Russian samovar" and was the penultimate poem of the poet. In the same album a few weeks later was made a memorable entry closest friends Brodsky — poets, writers, translators — during the funeral memorial days. But life, as recording continued, and the album includes autographs of poems of Eugene Rhine, Bella Akhmadulina and Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Alexei Khvostenko, Victoria Belomlinsky, Valentin Gaft epigrams, original paintings of Mikhail Shemyakin, Igor Tulpanov, Natalia Nesterova, Shimon Okshteyn, Leonid Pinchevsky, Alexander Brodsky, Boris Zaborov, Michael Belomorskogo, Igor Snegur, vahrich of Bahchanyana etc.

More than 70 books with dedicatory inscriptions of the authors of the circle of Brodsky, including an autographed book cult figure American literature Susan Sontag, with whom the poet was bound not only by professional interests, but personal feelings.

In the archive "Russian samovar" — 6 original works by Mikhail Shemyakin, 5 — Ilya Kabakov, 5— by Ernst Neizvestny, 5— of vahrich of Bahchanyana, 5— George Cooper, 3 — Komar and Melamid, 2 – Vitaly Komar, 2 — Alexander Kosolapov, 10 — Igor Tyulpanov, Michael Belomorskogo, 4 — Natalya Nesterova, as well as Zurab Tsereteli, Gregory Bruskin, Oleg Vasiliev, Vladimir Pertsov, Timur Novikov, Vladimir Shinkarev and many other artists. And this is only a small part of a unique collection, which includes more than 700 items.

the Subjects of the files described in the album-каталоге "Russian culture in exile", which release is timed to the thirtieth anniversary of awarding the Nobel prize Joseph Brodsky and the eightieth anniversary of the Novel Kaplan.

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Applications for participation in auction are accepted until February 12 inclusive.

pre-Auction exhibition where you can buy the auction album-каталог, is open until 16 February (except Sunday), from 12:00 to 20:00 at the address: Moscow, Sadovaya-Кудринская, 25, "Antique center on the Garden", office 302, the auction house "KABINET".

Telephone: 7 (495) 374-5090, e-mail:

Source: press-релиз Auction house "Antiquarium"

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