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19 October, the auction house "Russian enamel" will hold 79-й auction rare books, autographs and photos, which will be represented by 465 lots totaling over 40 000 000

Online-каталог auction.

Among the rare books of the Russian classics of the "Golden age" will be offered book N. V. Gogol's Arabeski (1835). The instance is interesting because it retains both publishing covers, and it comes from the famous collection of the poet A. Strugovschikov.

a Very beautiful and equally interesting, two manuscript of the Koran, one of which was created by master calligrapher Hafiz Saeed Ahmad al-Шукри, a pupil of the famous clerk in the office of Military of the Ottoman Empire Hafiz Mustafa as-Сыдки bin Salih.

There are in the collection of auction and plenty of tray-publications — for example, "the Ministry of Finance, 1802-1901" from the collection of the Witte or "State Council, 1801-1901" from the library stats-секретаря of the state Council and Hofmeister, V. A. lisinskoga.

Among the autographs stands out of the auction book with the original inskript: "Mikhail Alekseevich Kuzmin in bribes from a loving N. Gumilev", note Vladimir Mayakovsky, addressed to his impresario Pavel Ilyich Lavoto, letter of Sergei Yesenin, sent on 12 August 1916 from the Royal Village in the name of the poet Nikolai Levkina, as well as a copy of the book by A. Remizov "Rosalie" signed by the owner of the publishing house "Epoch" Solomon Kaplun.

of the rare editions of Russian avant-garde, you should select a book by I. A. Aksenov "the Corinthians" with frontispiece, done by A. Rodchenko, program the world's first production of Futurist theatre "Vladimir Mayakovsky" and "Journey of Sergei Gorodetsky in Batum", released in Tiflis in 1919 published "Selfless service to art".

Section of children's books in the first place a rare "ABC" V. Lebedeva (1925), preserved in perfect condition, and the book of Mayakovsky "the Story of Vlas lazy and lazy" (1927).

the Organizers highlighted the autographed book S. Marshak "merry Old England", which is not accounted for on any known bibliography, but instead in the "Library Crocodile" under the number 14 was issued a book by V. Kataev.

With all the lots can be viewed until 18 Oct (every day except Sunday and Monday, from 11 to 20 hours) at the pre-auction exhibition at the office of the Auction house "Antiquarium" (Moscow, Nizhny Kislovskiy lane., 6, p. 2).

the Auction will be held on October 19. Start of trading in 19:00.

.: 7 495.792.48.92; 7 985.969.77.45; e-mail:

Source: press-релиз the Auction house "Russian enamel"

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