In the "Cabinet" offer "a Way to look at books and judging them" and much more
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July 13 auction house "KABINET" will hold an auction of rare books, manuscripts and autographs of the XVII–XX centuries

Online-каталог auction.

Among the top-лотов offers "Study bath structure, which tells the story of Nestor the chronicler" (1809), "the Way to look at books and judging them" (1808), "Graphogame or the art of cursive writing" (1820), "Description teachnig techniques" @luxury mdas instance from the collection of Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich (1832), "a Hero of our time" by Mikhail Lermontov (1843), "the Antediluvian Poshekhonskiy story of Democritus of Terenowych" (1846), etc.

Rare books on history, Ethnography and local history is represented by such publications as "the people's Panorama of Russian life" (1848), "Experience the statistical description of the Novorossiysk territory" (1850), "Muscovites home, away and on the street" (1858), "The collection of materials for the historical topography of Kiev and its environs" (1874), "Tales of Jewish writers on the Khazars" (1874), "the Name of Moscow streets and alleys" (1878).

Edition of the epoch of the Soviet constructivism presents a rare album "Food industry" and "Working-Крестьянская Red army" (1934) in placing E. Lissitzky, as well as the first and second editions of the famous album by V. Stepanova and A. Rodchenko "the First horse" (1937, 1938).

Among the rare children's books in the catalog includes the books "Like honey from the bear's teeth began to ache" by B. Kornilov (1935) and "the Tale of Alyosha-Рязань and uncle-Беломоре" by L. Kassil (1935).

In the string of rare autographs are available inscripti of the Empress Anne, Prince Alexander Menshikov, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, poets by A. Pleshcheyev and Sasha Cherny, artist Boris Kustodiev, as well as rare archive of letters from writer Boris Pilnyak.

Pre-exhibition opened in the office of the Auction house "Antiquarium" (Moscow, Nizhny Kislovskiy lane., 6, p. 2) c 4 to 12 July (except Sunday and Monday).

the Auction will be held July 13, ibid. Start of trading in 19:00.

Phone: 7 495.792.48.92; 7 985.969.77.45; e-mail:; catalog and online-аукционе through the system Bidspirit:

Source: press-релиз the Auction house "Russian enamel"

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