Charity Auction of Takashi Murakami and Christie's has collected $ 9 million
ARTinvestment.RU   10 ноября 2011

The money meant the people of Japan, in March affected by the earthquake and tsunami

seems only one Takashi Murakami (Takashi Murakami) under the force to collect a full house buyers such level as the owner of Christie's Francois Pinault (François Pinault) and the largest art dealer Larry Gagosian (Larry Gagosian) at a charity auction commencing at 9.30 am, as well as to gain for him lots totaling 8.7561 million dollars.

KAWS Kawsbob at the entrance of a strange forest

Organized by Christie's auction and Takashi Murakami, "A New Day: Artists - Japan» held yesterday morning in New York York. Proceeds from the auction will go to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami that struck March 11 this year in the north-eastern Japan Tohoku region. Such an early start of trading due to the fact that the organizers wanted to make the most convenient time and for buyers from Asia, which participated in this event through the online broadcast. However, the auction generated interest among New York dealers and collectors, but also attracted a lot of admirers Murakami, do not use it as preminuvshih extra opportunity to take a picture with your favorite author.

Top of the event was very touching: it was noted the opening words of Murakami and a poem read out by actor Ken Watanabe (Ken Watanabe), Japanese in origin. Then came the hour of bitter struggle for the proposed lots. In the end they were all sold, there was even a set a personal record: the work of the artist under the name KAWS «Kawsbob at the entrance of a strange forest" (2011) was sold for 155 thousand dollars. Prices of many works far exceeded initial estimate. Murakami's after the auction has admitted Artinfo, that were intentionally understated estimeyty to warm up activity of buyers and increase the amount of aid to victims of disaster. Achieved results produced by the artist's impressive, and he said that he moved the event successfully.

Takasi < /a> Takashi Murakami and Francois Pinault

The auction house did not give up the commission, as was the case with the previous major charities event - an auction Tsvirnera David (David Zwirner) and Ben Stiller (Ben Stiller) «Artists - Haiti," but it became known that some of the fees remaining after deducting the funds intended to compensate for the costs of organizing trades will go to charity along with the sums , paid for the lots sold.

Record KAWS became possible due to the fact that the artist's own Paris dealer Emmanuel Perroten (Emmanuel Perrotin) (representing over 18 years and Murakami) shlestnulsya for «Kawsbob ... "with one of its customers. In his work the artist put together the image of the famous cartoon character, Sponge Bob and colorful flower working with Murakami's "Rainbow Flower" (2006).

Larry Gagosian, representing Murakami in New York, organized a pre-auction showing lots future trades in his gallery on Madison Avenue. The dealer has contributed to the general treasury of charity by buying the work of the Chinese Zeng Fanchzhi (Zeng Fanzhi) «Watermelon" (2011). Gagosian won the competition with a persistent buyer, who fought for the product over the phone, and get his 180 thousand dollars (estimate 60-80 thousand).

Zeng Fanchzhi watermelon. 2011
Damien Hirst Love-in. 2008
Source: < /td>

Takashi Murakami himself prepared for the auction, four lots, and they were all sold in excess of the estimate. The most successful of these was the first lot of trades - a lot of work with the image of Murakami's favorite character on behalf of DOB, entitled "Then and then and then and then and then. Yellow Universe "(2011). The struggle began with the upper bound estimate of 400 000 and ended at around 780 000 dollars - much appreciated in the next adventure DOBa customer orders over the phone.

best result belongs to auction a huge (2.4 x 2.7 m) steel "Relief from a monkey from a balloon" (2011) Jeff Koons (Jeff Koons) .. Product with an estimate of 600-800 thousand dollars was sold to unknown buyers in a million.

Among the few lots that were sold cheaply estimate turned out to be a work by Damien Hirst (Damien Hirst) «Love-In» - heart-shaped picture with figures of butterflies. It has been estimated at 500-700 thousand, but went to an unknown buyer for only 320 thousand dollars.

Francois Pinault had acquired for his collection of work Luc Tuymans (Luc Tuymans) «Beach" (2011) by purchasing cheaper estimate, for 260 thousand dollars (estimate 300-350 thousand). The owner of Christie's also claimed to work "Lone Star" Yoshimoto Nara (Yoshitomo Nara) and "Midnight Mask III» Thomas Hausego (Thomas Houseago) in 2011, but eventually gave them to other buyers.

Prepared by Mary Estrova, AI

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