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The Italian art of XX century at Sotheby's
ARTinvestment.RU   20 октября 2008

The works of Giorgio De Chirico, Giorgio Morandi, Mary Marini and Luchio Fontana can be purchased at the Sotheby's auction in London

Today, in London, Sotheby's holds an anniversary - the tenth - the auction of works of Italian art of XX century. The first specialist auction in the series took place in 1999. This year, the auction works of Giorgio de Chirico (Giorgio de Chirico), Giorgio Morandi (Giorgio Morandi), Mary Marini (Marino Marini) and Luchio Fontana (Lucio Fontana).

At the auction, you can purchase the work «Inside metaphysics and head philosopher» (estimeyt 1-1,5 million pounds) by Giorgio de Chirico - founder of the Italian metaphysical painting, an enormous influence on the formation of surrealism. Presented at the Sotheby's picture was painted in 1926, during the second arrival of de Chirico in Paris. Here, as in most of his metaphysical canvases, showing samples of ancient sculpture and architecture, which combines with a modern background.

One of the greatest Italian artists of the XX century by Giorgio Morandi will be presented at auction classic «still-life» 1956 (estimeyt 500-700 thousand pounds), which very well reflects the ability to master to show the beauty and harmony, bringing in the most simple song , normal subjects. I now have the opportunity to more fully acquainted with the work of Morandi at Museum presents the exhibition, which runs until 14 December in New York's Metropolitan Museum.

Very interesting works Mary Marini: Sculpture «Rider» (1951, estimeyt 500-700 thousand feet) and painting «Red Rider» (1958, estimeyt 400-500 thousand pounds). Both of these works embody the motive rider - standing in the artist's works. From the works of many works of his contemporaries Marini distinguishes dexterity connect the past with innovative ideas and avant-garde modernism.

In February 2008, at auction Sotheby's «Spatial Concept» Luchio Fountains was sold for an enormous sum - more than 10 million pounds - and broke the record price for the works by this artist. At the auction on 20 October will be exhibited characteristic of Fountains to cut canvases, sculptures and graphic works. The most interesting of these - the canvas «Spatial Concept, Waiting» (estimeyt 500-700 thousand pounds) and a sculpture «The spatial concept form» (estimeyt 800-1200 thousand pounds), created specifically for the Biennale in Venice in 1958. Both works reflect the principle of withdrawal form in the surrounding space, which is followed even in Fontana painting: it causes scratches on the canvas and cuts ( «tali»), thus turning a flat surface in three-dimensional picture of the object.

Source: sothebys.com

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