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At Sotheby's in November will be a very rare work of Pablo Picasso
ARTinvestment.RU   30 сентября 2008

Painting «Harlequin» in 1909, which is scheduled to gain at least 30 million dollars, from 16 to 19 October will be shown at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art

At the Sotheby's evening auction Nov. 3, 2008 will be offered a very rare work of Pablo Picasso (Pablo Picasso), the picture «Harlequin» 1909.

Picasso later things in the market pond pond, but not often come across earlier. All the more so that the canvas had been written in the critical period when Picasso and his fellow Cubists, as much as me the whole history of the art world - only two years after the appearance of the famous «Avinonskih girls». According to the theory, which suggested that American economist David Galenson (David Galenson), «girls» should be considered the most important works of art of the twentieth century, namely the reproduction of the work most often found in textbooks.

«Harlequin», of course, not so famous, the public has not seen this picture more than 45 years. All this time she was in a collection of Italian origin painter Enrico Donati (Enrico Donati), who died this year at the age of 99 years. Donati, who called the last great Surrealism, bought the canvas in the 1940's from the art dealer Daniel-Henry Kanvaylera (Daniel Henry Kahnweiler), specializing in the early works of Picasso and the Cubists.

Sotheby's is known for its good works of Pablo Picasso. It was bid at this auction house painting «Boy with a pipe» and «Dora MAARIV the cat» won the title the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction. The last picture with the image of Picasso's Harlequin (alter-ego of the artist) to appear at auction in 1989. Cloth «A nimble rabbit» went to Sotheby's for 40.7 million dollars. Preliminary assessment «Harlequin» Donati from the collection of more modest: «total» 30 million. Given the rarity of the work, it is possible that it will bring much more.

The former owner of the work of Enrico Donati entered the circle of artists who came to New York from Europe at the beginning of the Second World War. Among his friends included Max Ernst (Max Ernst), Salvador Dali (Salvador Dali), Yves Tanguy (Yves Tanguy), Arshil Gorky (Arshile Gorky) , Giorgio de Chirico (Giorgio de Chirico), Marcel Duchamp (Marcel Duchamp). Since last Donati has close friendship. Picture «Harlequin» Italian artist bought in Paris. One of Picasso's early paintings, exhibited in the Paris Museum of Modern Art, Donati struck so that he decided to buy similar. Having learned that the museum has provided a picture gallery, Louise Leyris (Louise Leiris), the artist immediately went there. When Donati came to the gallery, it was already closed - but the young surrealist lucky: it was met by Daniel Henry Kanvayler, who is also friends with Marcel Dyushanom. Kanvayler showed the artist «Harlequin», held in reserves galleries, and Donati bought the painting at a price equivalent to 12 thousand dollars.

Before you go under the hammer, «Harlequin» Leave a small tour around the world. From 3 to 7 October, it can be seen in a London gallery of Sotheby's, October 16, he look to Moscow, and will hold three days at the Museum of Modern Art, and October 29 «Harlequin» meet with the residents of New York, where on 3 November, he will just find a new owner.

Those who lose the battle for Picasso November 3, given another chance to buy a rare work of the great Spaniard: in February at Christie's auction a still life «Musical instruments on the table», which experts estimate at $ 60 million . Auction - Sale of a collection of famous couturier Yves Saint-Laurent (Yves Saint-Laurent), who died in June .

Material prepared Yulia Maksimova

Sources: artinfo.com , bbc.co.uk , artdaily.org , artinvestment.ru

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