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The new unit represents house Sotheby's Chinese art
ARTinvestment.RU   27 сентября 2008

5 October in Hong Kong held the first auction, organized by the new unit auction house Sotheby's, which will deal with the Chinese art of XX century

This year the auction house Sotheby's has opened a new office, which will deal with the Chinese art of XX century, in recent times especially popular among collectors and gallery owners. The new department will continue to exist separately from the units of modern Chinese art. The first auction in this category will be held on 5 October in Hong Kong.

At the tender will be the most important work of eminent Chinese artists of the XX century, belonging to different periods: before 1949 and from 1949 to 1976 (including the period of establishment of the PRC and the Cultural Revolution), and from 1976 until the late 1980's years. All will be put up about 125 lots with a total value estimated at 170 million HK dollars (21.89 million U.S. dollars).

Director of the new units Lily Li (Lily Lee) told: «The history of Chinese art of XX century - a history of migration of Chinese artists inside and outside the country. At the autumn auction, we offer over hundreds of lots belonging to different chronological categories. The basic idea of these trades - to demonstrate the importance of work in terms of market and historical development, subject to the further expansion of the auctions of Chinese art in the XX century, the Hong Kong unit of Sotheby's ».

Among the works presented at the auction and prior to 1949, one of the best can be described as the work of the Taiwanese artist Chen Chenbo (Chen Chengbo, 1895-1947), entitled «The Sound Wave» (Maobitou Cape), the estimated 2-3 million (hereinafter, all prices are in U.S. dollars. - Ed .). It was written in 1939, this time Chen has lived in Taiwan and written landscapes to open air in different parts of the island. The painting «Sound Wave» is well noticeable characteristic of the creative Chen circular compositional techniques. This work is without a doubt can be called one of the most significant in the history of Chinese art of XX century until 1949.

Another outstanding work that can be purchased at auction Sotheby's, this «Nanchanskoe rebellion» (estimeyt 116-193 thousand dollars) - a revolutionary cloth Chzhenhua Wang (Wang Zhenghua, genus. 1937), written by the artist in 1977. This enormous painting, measuring about 2 by 3 meters, is a classic example of art of Communist China. On the canvas shown Nanchanskoe uprising in 1927 led by Chou En-лая and Zhu De, which was founded by People's Liberation Army of China. The author brought dramatic situation in the typical portraits of characters that is in keeping with the promotional period, the art of the Cultural Revolution. However, it should be noted that he used a cold color tone, which strongly departed from the principles of «redness», «brightness» and «vitality», which were popular during this period. Organizers expect the auction, that want to acquire this historic and epic canvas will be quite a lot.

At the auction will be works written by Chinese artists living outside the country, particularly the U-Ji Zhao (Zhao Wuji, Zao Wou-ki - kind of. 1921), moved to Paris in 1948. Around mid-1950's, in his work moved from figurative to abstract forms. It was then shaped his distinctive style, characterized by a smooth cut-off transitions, combined with the imposition of deep colors. A striking example of this style is a canvas «Untitled. 1958-1 »(estimeyt 386-580 thousand dollars).

strings in the work performed after the Cultural Revolution, interesting «View of the River Litszyan» (0773-1 estimeyt million dollars) I brush Guan-Zhong (Wu Guanzhong, family. 1919), written in 1975. This product can be described as a mature 56-year-old wizard. His style is quite eclectic and combines features of traditional Chinese and Western art.

Very interesting, one of the most modern in the auction of the works - written in 1998 by three-surrealist artists who call themselves 3W. It is called «the Great collector» (estimeyt 103-155 thousand dollars), and at first glance it is a parody of a feudal society where the norm is considered to be the superiority of men over women. But in fact the main idea of this picture is very different. On the canvas depicts Duan Fang (Duan Fang, 1861-1911) - a prominent politician of the late period of Qing Dynasty, which is also famed as a collector and connoisseur of antiquities archeology. Two girls sitting around him, represent fine works of art, and the dollar in the background represents extensive financial costs needed to create a superb collection of antiquities. 3W works of well-known, recognizable by the abundance of allusions and a typical example of postmodern art in which objects from the past are used as an explanation to this. Portfolio trio 3W, has developed its own style of Chinese art, are in great demand by collectors all over the world.

Source: artdaily.com

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