Auctions «Spring Salon» and «Second Russian Avant-Garde» Gallery «SOVKOM» April 19
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April 19, at 13. 00 at the Gallery «SOVKOM» will be one of the largest in the history of auctions «SOVKOMe» bid - «Spring Salon» and «Second Russian Avant-Garde»

19 April at 13.00 in the Gallery «SOVKOM» will be one of the largest in the history of auctions «SOVKOMe» bid - «Spring Salon» and «Second Russian Avant-Garde». Will be presented to Russian art of the XIX century, western European painting, works recognized the Soviet masters, works of nonconformist, numismatics, used books, arts and crafts, as well as antique jewelry. The total value of lots - more than 8 million dollars.

Voloshin MA Quiet buhta

Voloshyn MA The quiet bay. 1931

In the XIX century Russian art works Peredvizhniki: «Portrait of EV Zvantsevoy» Ilya Repin the end of 1880, «Les» Vasily Polenov, «Two Girls» Alexis Korin, «Male Portrait» Vladimir Makovsky , «Summer time» and «Wood River» Arcadia Rylov.

A significant part of the auction will take a sea of Russian artists, especially the «Sunrise at sea» Ivan Aivazovsky (estimeyt 145-160 thousand dollars), «Morning in the Gulf. Fishers »Vladimir Orlovsky and« Sea »Peredvizhniki Nicholas Dubovskoy.

Out of graphic would like to mention a watercolor-symbolist poet Maximilian Voloshin, written in Koktebel, and strings of the outstanding Soviet graphic artist Leonid Feinberg, in which the «head of the Chinese boy», «Machine», «Musicians» .

Of special interest are works by artists «Russian Abroad», which works «surrealistic composition» Leopold Syurvazha, as well as several paintings of Nicholas Tarkhova ( «The terrace» of estimeytom 90-120 thousand dollars, «Etude female heads» , portrait and chamber works «Goat pasture») and the work of David Burliuk 1950. Interestingly, there is also a still life Marevny (Mary Vorobieva-Stebelskoy), representatives of the Paris School.

Plastov AA September vecher

Plastov AA September evening. 1960

section of Soviet art - works for all tastes: the lyrical landscape Vitold Byalynitskogo-Birulya, «Still Life with Flowers and Fruits» Dmitry Nalbandian, «Pierce» Deineka Alexander, as well as the work of Gregory Нисского, Arcadia Plastov, Seeds Chuikov and Nicholas Romadina.

At the auction will be represented by strings of Western European painting of XVI - XX centuries, decorative arts and used books.

In the future, the auction will be exhibited more than fifty works nonconformists, and they have lots available in a separate auction - «The Second Russian Avant-Garde». Creative artists of socialist realism aesthetic opponents until the 1980's were oppressed by the official authorities and has been the nature of art «underground». It works by Ernst Neizvestny, Vechtomova Nicholas, Andrew Grositskogo, Eugene Kropiwnicki, Vladimir Nemukhin, Anatoly Zverev, Eugene Chubarova and Vladimir Yakovlev.

Top-auction lots «Second Russian Avant-Garde», of course, are the «Self-portrait with a hammer» Eugene Chubarova (estimeyt 54, 08-83, 2 thousand dollars), «Composition» Lydia Masterkovoy (estimeyt 91, 52 -- -124, 8 thousand dollars), «A flower on the table» Vladimir Yakovlev (estimeyt 49, 92 - 83, 2 thousand dollars) and a rather unusual style of the work of Vladimir Nemukhin «Beach» (estimeyt 20, 8-24, 96 thousand dollars).

Pre-exhibition is open until April 18 in the gallery SOVKOM at st. Schepkin, 28.

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