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Opened the website of the Fund Mamyshev-Монро
ARTinvestment.RU   15 октября 2019

The launch of the website dedicated to the 50-летию artist Vladislav Mamyshev-Монро (12 Oct 1969 — Mar 16, 2013). On the website announced Expert Advisory Board

New resource submitted three days ago, art historian and gallery owner Elena Selina, contains the most complete collection of works by Vlad Monro, practical directory-резоне, an authorized biography, list of exhibitions and individual texts of the artist. What is particularly important for collectors and buyers of works Mamyshev-Монро — on the website announced Expert Advisory Board that can advise on authenticity. It includes relatives, close friends, collectors, authors of books, who are well versed in his work and know the circumstances of the appearance of most jobs. To market works Mamyshev-Монро@now;— is the essence of the turning point. Some of his original prints were not signed, and all these years the main method of their proof was the testimony of knowledgeable people. Alas, the procedure was not clear and understandable. Regular customers, do not have the right connections, often refused the deal. It is hoped that the emergence of the Fund and the Board will remove previous barriers — at least, it became clear where the competence centre and where to go.

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Important news for collectors of the works of Vlad Mamyshev-Монро. Opened the website of the artist - https://vmmf.org. The issues of authentication will be engaged in the expert Council, which included friends, collectors and researchers of creativity. Photo - https://vmmf.org. #Monroe #Mamyshev #of wedmore #Foundation

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In the auction market price benchmark for individual prints of photographs of Monroe is in the range of $1500-2000. The record was set in 2013 when the set of 10 prints of the series "Life of remarkable Monroe" (1995) was sold in Moscow for $60@now;000. A benchmark for its grotesque six-foot oil — $15@is now;000.

the expert Board of the Foundation Vladislav Mamyshev-Монро became the mother of Nina Mamyshev, art historian Ekaterina Andreeva, a friend and artist Elizaveta Berezovskaya, the collector Pierre Brochet, art critic Viktor Mazin, curator of the XL Gallery Elena Selina, collector Salavat Timiryazev, critic Olesya Turkina, the artist Khlobystin and the artist Omulew.

Vladislav Mamyshev received the alias Monroe in honor of the beloved image of the American singer, in whom he had reincarnated in their first performances. Since the mid-1980-х years working with the "New artists" Timur Novikov, with "Pop-механикой" Sergei Kuryokhin, and in 1989 became one of the creators and main stars "Pirate television". His memorable artistic technique became the reincarnation of the actors (Marilyn Monroe, Chaplin, and later Lyubov Orlova), to cultural figures, literary characters (Sherlock Holmes) and historical characters — emperors, empresses, generals, tyrants. Mamyshev used bold grotesque metaphors (in particular, the image of Hitler) and not once had this trouble with the authorities. Since 2009 he's been in Moscow arrivals. He flew exhibitions for new projects, but most of the years he lived in Bali. Once again waiting for him in Moscow by April 2013 — soon he was to play a major role inavant-garde performance of "Polonium" in "hamlet" by Shakespeare. But on 16 March came the news that the artist had drowned in the pool island location.

Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

Sources: facebook.com, vmmf.org

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