The envelope with the Dutch painting almost brought the sender to tsugunder
ARTinvestment.RU   06 июня 2019

In the Krasnodar regional arbitration court the papers in the envelope with a reproduction of the painting of Gerard David "excoriation with corrupt judges" from the Museum in Bruges. For the sender of the history of art almost ended in article 297 of the criminal code

On a large mail envelope, sent to the Krasnodar court a party to the protracted process of defrauded real estate investors, was played the second movement is written in 1498 of the diptych "the Court cambia" (also known as "excoriation with corrupt judges") by the Dutch artist Gerard David.

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17.04.2019 Oh and colleagues lawyers - enjoy :) "The court kambisa or Abrade the skin with corrupt judges" — picture-диптих Dutch artist Gerard David, completed in 1498. The picture was painted for a courtroom in the town hall of Bruges and was designed to remind you to have a fair trial. . . . . #groeningemuseum #museabrugge #art #srednevekovaya #gerundive #sodomise #sternekategorie #judge #of Yuridicheskaya

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the plot of a diptych — historical legend about the cruel decision of the Persian king cambise. When a senior judge Saamna caught in multiple bribery, the king commanded him to execute, remove the skin and covered by her chair for the next judge. To sitting in it, a new judge (to enhance the effect, they had the son executed) not for a moment forget about justice.

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the statement of Claim entered the court in this envelope. #Russia #justice #of pravacholbuy #court #lawsuit #art #polymetaphosphate #painting #reproduction #sternekategorie #corruption #interesting

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As it turned out, to remind you about this today is fraught with criminal prosecution for contempt of court. In the definition of on may 30, 2019, the judge who receives the envelope, wrote the following: "29.05.2019 from Golubev S. V. received a Supplement to the application for enforcement of register of creditors' claims in accordance with the requirements of the legislation under the insolvency (bankruptcy), OOO "Sochi-Абсолют" (INN 2320100544, bin 1022302937975). Called the Supplement to the petition addressed to the judge Garbowska A. I., directed to the court in an envelope with a picture of a painting signed as "abrade the skin with a corrupt judge." The court finds that this circumstance requires explanation from Golubev S. V., in particular, in order to avoid disrespect for the court's consideration of the question of the existence of grounds for imposing a judicial fine and, in case of establishment of sufficient data, for referral to the preliminary investigation bodies materials for the decision. All participants, including the representatives of the parties are obliged to respect the court as a judicial body exercising on behalf of the state of justice, the proper way to respond to the comments of the presiding judge, thereby avoiding a situation destabilizing process, creating barriers for the proper and timely resolution of the case (ruling of the constitutional Court of the Russian Federation from 04.04.2017 No. 698-О). Guidedarticles 127, 184, 185 Arbitration procedure code of the Russian Federation

IDENTIFIED: set a hearing on the issue in order to establish the presence/absence of the circumstances of the contempt, the presence/absence of other signs of misconduct in connection with the exercise of the rights in the trial in the present case on 05.06.2019 11 hours and 55 minutes in court to the address: Krasnodar, Postovaya str., 32, room 710. Information can be obtained on the website

Applicant: submit an explanation of the circumstances set forth in the reasoning part of the present definition.

The Judge A. I. Gorbovsky".

In full accordance with the Streisand effect news of the strange meeting, appeared on the pages of Newspapers and became a subject for discussion in social networks. Yesterday, the media was ready, waited for resonant solutions. But nothing happened. The use of "disrespectful of the envelope" did not lead to a fine and criminal consequences. Who needs apologized, turned the spotlight on to your lawyer, and the court agreed that intent was not, and that was it. At least this time.

it Remains to add that this case is not unique. In the Network there is evidence that the envelope with "excoriation with corrupt judges" in during the first year. However narrow-minded trolling has never before escalated into a threat of criminal prosecution. Krasnodar became the first acquired such fame.


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