Fake art-менеджеру from Russia is threatened with 15 years in the United States
ARTinvestment.RU   29 апреля 2019

The girl came up with a biography called Anna Delvi more than a year and led by the nose of American art-тусовку, businessmen and celebrities. 27-летняя native of Russia had almost opened in new-Йорке club hotel with contemporary art. But before

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the Publication of Anna Delvey (@theannadelvey)

In the series, such scenarios look through "leaky", false and implausible. Well, this can not be. But in real life — BAM — and works.

so, in 2016, new-Йорке appeared rich heiress (whether oil tycoon, or the antiquary), the owner of the state about 60 million dollars. Behaved moderately eccentric, with servants were arrogant, it was felt that from another world. But it is obviously well educated, very sociable. Anna behaved aristocratic. Settled in an expensive fashionable hotel, handing out 100-долларовые tip taxi drivers and waiters, was throwing a dinner party and rapidly gained the support of the right people. Yes, sometimes there is a "forgetfulness" with the bills, but there were people coming to the rescue at the right time.

after hit.

in a few months, Anna has been a regular at the trendy new-Йорка, revolved in a circle of movie stars, art-менежеров, artists, lawyers, businessmen. And indeed it proved to be an outstanding businesswoman. In its plans was the creation of a network of clubs for fans of contemporary art — to begin in new-Йорке, and then in Los-Анджелесе, London and Dubai. There should have been billed the most expensive work of living authors — Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin. The negotiations were in full swing. Has already been picked up room for the club: an architect friend found a gorgeous building on the corner of Park-Авеню and 22-й Street. I just had to find a partner to Finance half of the business.

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Nothing a glass of rosé and a trip out of town can't fix. #annadelvey

Publication of Anna Delvey (@anna.delvey)

But then luck Anna changed.

the Creditors came out of his daze — and rushed. Began to stick to unpaid bills for the party, kicked out of the hotel for many months debts. One impatient went to the police — and the scheme was revealed.

Anna Delvi was Anna Sorokina. That from Germany, — truth. In Germany, she moved with her parents in 2007, 16-летнем age. However, the family of ordinary, hardworking, not aristocrats. In 20 years, Anna went to study in London, graduated College, moved back to Germany, and from there went to Paris. She worked at a glossy magazine Purple, attended parties, exhibitions and fashion shows. In the Bohemian circles she was not a newcomer, felt weaknesses and the situations in which you could take advantage of another's gullibility. When she moved to the States, she managed to get a few large loans from local banks. Obviously, they became a source of generoustip.

Anna Delvi was arrested in 2017. It was proven that she lied to banks and individuals for $275 000. Those who watched the process, noted that she almost deliberately irritated the judges. For each meeting for a long time she chose a fashionable outfit and even insisted on a change of venue, if not able to pick the right clothes. To follow it was invited an experienced stylist. Authorities have offered Delvi deal. In theory, as a foreigner, she could get out of prison and be deformirovanii and a half years pre-trial detention — that is to go in 2019. Delvi but the deal was rejected. Chose the process. Even understanding what can get 15 years for fraud, she again went all-банк.

Two point charges, by the way, it is already removed. Attempting to deceive the poor banks, which almost gave her credit (but not issued). And cheating girlfriend from Vanity Fair, with which they heartily together rested in Morocco, but its part of the cost of Delvi were not returned. Friend, however, sold the story to HBO and signed a book deal with a publisher. According to the press, deceived will work in their suffering more than $600 000.

What can I add? Such social intelligence Anna Sorokina is not something that a network of clubs as a front to command! I'm serious. Generally, it is surprising to observe when people with such strong entrepreneurial talent choose questionable methods, when legal business could earn much more. By the way, Anna Delvi can come out of prison a wealthy man. The story of her life bought Netflix — adventures of Russian emigrants in the art-мире new-Йорка will be filmed.

the Sentence Anna Delvi will be announced may 9, 2019.

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April 22nd, 2019 Anna Delvey declined to take the stand in her designer snakeskin

Sources: meduza.io, bbc.com, thecut.com

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