Auction record Keith Haring was a "setup»
ARTinvestment.RU   12 февраля 2018

New-йоркский dealer Anatole Shagalov, which was made at Sotheby's record-breaking bid on the work of the American neoekspressionista, in the end never paid for your purchase. The auction sued him in court. It turned out, people not paying is not the first time

Keith Haring — one of the most famous artists of the new-йоркских neoekspressionistov 1980-х. Like Basquiat, Kenny Scharf, David Salle. Among them, he is probably the most replicated, firmly integrated into the design and fashion. His "dancing men", which he painted the walls new-йоркской subway, continue to frolic on shirts, cups, book covers and even on bottles of tequila. In recent years, auction prices for his best work close to the mark $5 000 000. And in April 2017 this threshold was crossed: a three-metre tarpaulin was bought at Sotheby's for a record $6 537 000. The winning bid did Anatole Shagalov, local art-дилер.

And then began a strange. The lot was not paid by the due date. Sotheby's waited 5 months. Then found a new buyer at $4 400 000. And then filed a lawsuit on Shagalova and his company Nature Mortе c lawsuit to recover $2, 100, 000 difference. Anatole-Анатолий Shagalov with his lawyer present counter-claims. The dealer says, "Sotheby's" orally promised him a payment delay, and besides the auction resold too cheaply. They say, "Sotbis" you had better try not to throw in the extra costs, poor devil-покупателя.

Well, as they say, it happens. Fortunately, such conduct is rarely a mass phenomenon. At one time Western auctions strongly complained about Chinese. They say that they took a malicious fashion to make fake bets, so as to prevent the sale of Chinese cultural values.

meanwhile, it became clear that Chagall is not the first time refuse to redeem the winning items. In 2016, his actions hurt the other auction house — "Philips". Shagalov just "bought" them the work of Christopher Voula, Maurice Louis at $ 6 000 000.


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