In the Tretyakov gallery presented the legendary "Letatlin"
ARTinvestment.RU   06 декабря 2017

The aircraft, designed by Vladimir Tatlin in 1929-1932, after a long restoration presented in the main exhibition of the Tretyakov gallery on the Crimean Shaft

Vladimir Tatlin, one of the brightest representatives of Russian avant-garde, in 1929-1932 created a total of three copies of the ornithopter "Letatlin". Remained only the third and final instance. "Letatlin No. 3" was exhibited at the Museum of osoaviahima, and then, after a few rebuilds aircraft museums, came to the exposition of the Central state Museum of aviation and cosmonautics named after N. Ye in the city of Monino (now the Central Museum of the Russian air force). There he remained until recently. After 10-месячной restoration was decided to be "Letatlin" in the Tretyakov gallery, because today ... flapping approach Tatlin is perceived as a miracle of art than of engineering.

non-powered aircraft, the name of which is derived from the words "fly" and the name of the Creator of the "Tatlin", for its intended purpose and was not used. The only attempt to fly it failed: a gust of wind broke "Letatlin" wing. But the significance of Tatlin's ornithopter in the history of world art are difficult to overestimate. "No one has anything like it! The final point, which just screams that Russian avant-garde was the greatest of all utopias, created by the human imagination", — commented the Director of the Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova the emergence of "Letatlin" in the permanent exhibition gallery on the Crimean Shaft.

this Saturday, December 9 at 13:00 will take place an open discussion on the topic of "Letatlin: the return. Public research ornithopter". Card loyalty programs of the Tretyakov gallery.


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