Was published the first volume of the diaries of Konstantin Somov
ARTinvestment.RU   10 июля 2017

The plans of the originator — critic Pavel Golubev — publication of several volumes of the artist records and preparation of catalogue-резоне

In Moscow, tomorrow will present the book "Konstantin Somov. Diary. 1917-1923", published in publishing house "Dmitriy Sechin". The decoded diaries — the result of almost a decade of work by art historian Paul Golubev. They contain the daily routine of the artist, scenes of everyday life and thoughts of Luba in the tragic period of Russian history — from the beginning of the second revolution before emigrating in 1923.

the artist's Diary abounds with the details associated with dangerous political views (he was very much disliked the proletariat), and censured by society sexual orientation (hence the 18 sign on the cover). In the diaries of many of the cryptography, things are clear only when knowledge of the context. The situation with interpretation was complicated by the fact that the relative Somov, who inherited the diaries, dipped and cut a part of special revelation records. And had great difficulty to recover at least part of them.

Soms kept a diary all his life, from his youth to the very end. The last record is said to have been made the day before death. For researchers such pedantry an invaluable opportunity to compile a directory-резоне works by the artist — complete list of his works. If this is done (and there are such plans), it will allow to solve many problems of authenticity and will significantly increase the market transparency of the work of the Luba and the attractiveness of the investment.

especially of the works of Somov has long been worth a small fortune. Painting — millions of dollars. Graphics — hundreds of thousands. C the result of the auction of the painting "rainbow" Konstantin Somov is on the 14th-м place in the ranking of the most expensive Russian artists. At the peak of the market in 2007 at Christie's for a "Rainbow" paid $7 331 000. Not an isolated case. But it was a painting. And more recently, in June 2017, "Russian bid" Christie's put graphics Luba — watercolor with a size of 17.8 × 22,7 estimated $77 000-103 000. To the limit. And what do you think? Sold with a fourfold excess of the estimate — in nearly $362 000 (in 2000 the price of this work has grown 7.5 times).

the Diary is accompanied by a commentary. The book has a scientific apparatus, reference materials, photographs and a sketch of the compiler on the life and work of Somov.

the Presentation of the publication "Konstantin Somov. Diary. 1917-1923" in Moscow will take place tomorrow, 11 July 2017, "Electrotheatre Stanislavsky" on Tverskaya street, 23.

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