Attendance of the Louvre fell by 15% in 2016
ARTinvestment.RU   10 января 2017

One of the reasons I consider the terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris recently

in Just 2016, the Louvre was visited by 7.3 million people, which is 15 % less than in 2015-м. According to management, the revenue of the Museum (only from ticket sales, excluding the revenue of the Museum restaurants and souvenir shops) also decreased — to €9.7 million ($10.2 million).

For France, its capital city and its museums last year was tough. Several terrorist attacks banned in Russia ISIS dampened the desire of foreign tourists to visit the Paris attractions. In addition, the attendance was influenced by the severe flooding in June. According to the calculations of statisticians, while the number of French citizens who visited the Louvre, remained about the same as in 2015, the number of foreign visitors declined. In an interview with radio station Europe 1 Director of the Louvre Jean-Люк Martinez (Jean-Luc Martinez) reported that Japanese visitors in 2016 was 61% less than in 2015-м, the number of Chinese tourists decreased by 31 %, and American — by 18 %. In addition, in the period immediately after the attacks there was a reduction in the number of school trips. Later the situation with students has leveled off.

But there is such a situation, and the reverse side. While the halls of the Louvre have become less crowded, to meet the needs of visitors from visiting the Museum has increased from 53 to 70 %. @Ndashвидимому, no crowds masterpieces of the Louvre enjoy easier. In addition, the increased number of fans of the Museum in social networks. In the group of Louvre in Facebook, for example, includes 2.3 million people, and the number of geo-тэгов in Instagram Louvre leader among all other museums in the world.


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