Marcel Duchamp: Chess the art or the art of chess
ARTinvestment.RU   29 мая 2012

As part of the exhibition project "The Triumph of Kaissa. Dedication to Duchamp, "whose theme was the relationship of modern art to practice the game of chess, TG together with Salamatina Gallery (New York) are two American art lectures

TG, 29 and 30 May, the beginning of lectures at 19.00
Moscow, Krimsky Val, 10, CHA, conference Hall, 3rd Floor

As part of the exhibition project "The Triumph of Kaissa. Dedication to Duchamp, "whose theme was the relationship of modern art to practice the game of chess, the Tretyakov Gallery in conjunction with Salamatina Gallery (New York) are two lectures of American art.

Lectures read Francis Naumann and Bradley Bailey, a leading American scholars of creativity Duchamp, et al of the book "Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess» (Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess) - the first deep study on how a passion for the game of chess affect the life and work of Marcel Duchamp.

May 29 at 19:00 - lecture by Francis Naumann, a famous art critic and author of numerous articles and catalogs for exhibitions and books on Marcel Duchamp ("New York Dada in 1915 -25 "," Marcel Duchamp: The Art of creating art in an age of mechanical reproduction "). F. Naumann, also known as the organizer of the exhibition, "Sowing discord: Dada invades New York" (Museum of the Whitney, New York, 1996), "Beatrice Wood: the centennial of the dedication" (Museum of Applied Art, New York, 1997).

May 30 at 19:00 - lecture by Bradley Bailey, of the University in September Louis (USA), the author's doctoral dissertation, "Identity Duchamp Chess» ( Duchamp's Chess Identity ) . In his view, the artistic practice to Duchamp and chess lessons were aesthetically and conceptually inseparable.

organizers of lectures:

Oksana Salamatina (USA) - art critic, curator and gallery owner who specializes in contemporary art;

Kirill Alekseev - art critic, at the Department of Contemporary Art at the Tretyakov Gallery.

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Source: Press Release TG

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