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Turner Prize: Chief scandal - the absence of scandal
ARTinvestment.RU   02 декабря 2008

At the Turner Prize this year nominated three women and one man. He won.

Yesterday in London was awarded the name J. M. W. Turner (J. M. W. Turner). Nominees were four: three girls - Runa Islam (Runa Islam), Goshko Makuga (Goshka Macuga) and Cathy Wilkes (Cathy Wilkes) - and one man, Mark Leckie (Mark Leckey). The last and received a prize. At the awards ceremony celebrated singer Nick Cave (Nick Cave) solemnly handed him a check for 25 thousand pounds sterling. Nominantki also received «consolation prize» to 5 thousand pounds each. The jury was headed by the Director of the Museum Tate Britain, Stephen Dyushar (Stephen Deuchar).

product for which the 44-year-old Leckie received the award, became a video Cinema-in-the-Round ( «Cinema from all sides»). It connects the various pieces of the artist from the popular films, including the blockbuster «Titanic» and cartoons about Simpson and the cat, Felix. According to Leckie, in this work he «reflects on the nature of cinema».

art lovers can see the work of Leckie in autumn, when the Tate Britain was exhibition of works of the nominees for Turner Prize . Despite the fact that the names of the artists were unknown to the general public, the number of visitors amounted to 60 thousand people. However, the reviews were mostly disappointing: the work was called too academic, boring and lifeless. The most provocative exhibit Kathy Wilkes became a installation consisting of a naked female mannequins, and any items daily. Such works now, apparently, not in fashion: Wilkes as Goshko Makuga whose installation has been devoted to the love of British Surrealism Paul Nash (Paul Nash) and Eileen Agar (Eileen Agar), originally considered to be outsiders. But Runu Islam known as the most likely candidate to receive the award. She, like Leckie, presented to the jury video, the most memorable of which are shown sitting in a row without a Bangladeshi rickshaw traffic.

Yeah. But Turner Prize glorified is not committed to the strict morals! In 1995 the award was none other than Damien Hurst (Damien Hirst) - the head of the gang «Young British Artists», which became famous thanks to its installation with canned carcasses of animals. In 1999, the award nominated skandalistka known Tracey Emin (Tracey Emin) , shocked all installation « My bed ». The work was a true artist uncleared bed on which lie empty vodka bottles and cigarette butts cigarette. And in 2001, many critics already intercepted breath of rage, when the grand prize was kontseptualist Krid Martin (Martin Creed) - for «installation» in the form of empty space in which every 5 seconds, it was included, then turn off the light.

But the scandals are not only famous for the Turner Prize. In different years, it received such distinguished persons as videohudozhnik Steve McQueen (Steve McQueen; director of «Hunger», which has become one of the main kinosobyty this year), as well as sculptors Anish Kapoor (Anish Kapoor) and Anthony Gormley (Antony Gormley).

Mark Leckie was not worried that it will inevitably be compared with Hurst, Emin, McQueen and other stars of British art, which once and for all defined «image» Turner Prize. Moreover, he was ready to give up artists-kicker call: he believed that art should not necessarily be shocking. The artist has accused British journalists of being too much nosyatsya with provocateurs type Hirst and Banks (Banksy). «They come to [the exhibition nominees. - Ed. ] Turner Prize, hoping to see something shocking, but the world in which I live, it is not such a».

25 thousand pounds, received an award, the artist is going to go somewhere to hide and do not touch: during the financial crisis to have a «zanachku» - the most it. Home Leckie dream - to create a TV show, which will bring together artists and musicians.

Material prepared Yulia Maksimova

Sources: guardian.co. uk , artinvestment.ru

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