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ARTinvestment.RU   12 июля 2008

Record sales in the past year, the painting «White Center» Mark Rothko caused additional «warm» of the market post-war American art, and especially the rise of prices for work colleagues Rothko by genre

record sales last year, the painting «White Center» Mark Rothko (72.84 million dollars from the auction house commission, or 65 million dollars without commission) caused an additional «warm» of the market post-war American art, and especially the rise of prices Rothko colleagues at work by genre. Rothko, with all the features of the liquidity of its Works , was fit to enroll in the category of «dream investor». For example, the «Number 7» (No. 7 (Dark Over Light)), lucky bought in 1998 for 1.6 million dollars was sold in 2007 for 18.75 million dollars at Christie's. And the fact that prices are generally not the case confirmed the sale of the canvas Rothko «No. 15», which took place in May 2008 at Sotheby's: the buyer has paid 45 million dollars, plus the auction house commission.

It is clear that these budgets nice narrow range of potential buyers for things Rothko. Multimillionaires than billionaires, and the «people» briskly switched to protagonists Rothko on «color fields». The first drew attention to the creativity of the main figures in the Color Field Movement - painters Barnett Newman (Barnett Newman), Gottliba Adolf (Adolph Gottlieb) and Ed Reinhardt (Ad Reinhardt).

It is a record Rothko bind first million sale of the Gottliba: 22 May 2007, shortly after the triumph «White Center», work Gottliba Blast III was sold for 1.2 million dollars (excluding commission). And since that time prices have been rising faster than average pace. Thus, May 13, 2008 a huge canvas Gottliba Cool Blast was sold well above the most optimistic expectations - for 5.8 million dollars plus a commission, although estimeyt already took into account the developments and was 2-3 million dollars. Such a rally on the works of the representatives of Color Field abstraction has forced some owners almost speculative mode display for auction just recently purchased the work. In particular, the abstraction of Ed Reinhardt in May 2007 was resold to over 1.7 million dollars - to 400 thousand higher than it was purchased a year earlier.

Analytical resource draws attention to that an enviable price today show many of the first names in American postwar art (predominantly abstract expressionism): Arshil Hills, Clifford Still, Jackson Pollock, Franz Klein, Willem de Kuninga. Their success «hitch» the entire market, including its relatively affordable segment.

Not everyone is worth millions - for example, the work of William Baziotsa (William Baziotes) are available in a range of 50-100 thousand dollars.

material prepared by Vladimir Bogdanov


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