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The State Tretyakov Gallery is ready to defend his former employee, but he was ready to open a new museum
ARTinvestment.RU   11 июля 2008

Sacked from the State Tretyakov Gallery, Andrei Erofeev announced plans to establish its own museum of modern art

Andrei Erofeev recently sacked from his post as head of the department of the latest trends in the Tretyakov Gallery , would like to create a museum of contemporary art. This, he told a news conference in RIA Novosti 9 Jul, 2008 year. According Yerofeeva, it stands ready to join some of his former colleagues.

past or dismissed after the chief of staff of the department the latest trends the State Tretyakov Gallery in Russia will create a museum of contemporary art. «The Museum will be in the form of state-corporate partnership - the minister of culture Avdeeva form of collaboration with museums by wealthy people - the path taken by the many museums, and you can play this game», - said Yerofeyev.

According to him, the offers of cooperation have already been received, but to discuss them in more detail and refer to specific names or company names Yerofeyev refused. He admitted that he would like to see the museum was established under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, with a private collection or individual pieces of art were housed in a building that is federally owned.

According to preliminary plans, the new museum there is not only Russia but the Western contemporary art.

Remember, now Andrew Yerofeeva charged under article 282 of the Criminal Code «incitement to racial, ethnic and religious hatred using the official position» for the organization as an independent curator of the exhibition «Forbidden Art 2006», which took place in March 2007 at the Museum and Public Center Sakharov. As reported on the official website of the museum, the exhibition include those who in 2006 had been «offered by various curators for exhibitions in Moscow's museums and galleries and are not allowed to display art, or of the Director».

Guidance Tretyakov Gallery has denied a link between the court and the upcoming Yerofeeva removal from office, while the representatives of Russia's art community to see this direct correlation. Director of the Tretyakov Gallery, Valentin Rodionov going to speak in defense of a former employee in court. This, he said at a meeting in The State Tretyakov Gallery on Friday, July 4, a round table on the situation in the department.

«We are ready to urgently appeal to the Prosecutor's Office to conduct a re-examination of the works included in the exhibit, and to appoint an expert from the Tretyakov Gallery to rebut forensic evidence of the exhibition», - said Rodionov, which cites RIA Novosti.

Director GTG stressed that dismissed Yerofeeva not in connection with the exhibition «Forbidden Art». In its official statement, dated July 3 at the Museum says that as a reason for «serious violations to the state museums around the accounting and storage of museum items». Himself a former curator is convinced that the museum thus resists modernization, proposed his department.

Leonid Bazhanov, artistic director of the Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) has asked Rodionova «take into account not only the corporate claim to the gallery Yerofeeva» and added: «dismiss staff - an internal affair of the institution, but should be better to weigh in what period to do so. Protecting Yerofeeva before the court - a civil and professional duty ».

Material prepared Savitskaya Anna

Source : www.lenta.ru , www.rian.ru , www.newsru.com , artinvestment.ru

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