Выдача займов под залог картин и скульптур XIX-XXI веков

Первый профессиональный сервис по выдаче займов под залог произведений искусства

Top-list of experts of Russian Antiquarian Salon
ARTinvestment.RU   16 апреля 2008

The works, selected on the first day of the Salon of the Expert Council.

    Painting and Graphics

  1. Aivazovsky IK «A winter scene». 1875. Oil on canvas (Alexander Art Gallery)

  2. A. Altman (1885-1950) «dam». Oil on canvas. 65 × 80 (Gallery of Vladimir Kaplunova)

  3. Bakalovich S. «Message». 1914. Wood, oil paint (Antique Gallery, St. Petersburg)

  4. Baranov-Rossini VD «Still life with geraniums, sea shells and fruits» (Private collection, Moscow)

  5. Bryullov K. Watercolors (Antique Gallery, St. Petersburg)

  6. Vorobieva-Stebelskaya MB (Marevna) «player» ( «In memory of Cezanne»). 1969. Oil on canvas. 90 × 130 (Gallery «Sovkom»)

  7. PP Konchalovsky «Flowers in pink». 1918 (Private Collection)

  8. Kuznetsov N. (1876-1970) «begonia and clay handicrafts figures». 1917. Oil on canvas. 73 × 60 (Gallery of Painting and Drawing «Mayak)

  9. Lanskoe A. «Painting Goodbye». 1966. Oil on canvas. 100 × 80,5 (International art-gallery «Eritazh»)

  10. LARIONOV AM Album drawings. 1920-e (Gallery SCHATZ? I)

  11. Levitan I. «Vladimirka». Sketch (Association Magnum ARS)

  12. Lentulov AV «Consumers' Co-operation». 1932 (Gallery «On Lenivke»)

  13. Leopold Syurvazh «Man in the city». 1919. Oil on canvas. 54 × 81 (Gallery «Elysium»)

  14. Makovsky VE «Friday. For charka ». 1906. Wood, oil. 41 × 25,7 (Albion Gallery)

  15. Makovsky K. «Bretonka». Watercolor. (Alexander Art Gallery)

  16. Malyavin F. «Self-portrait in a room». Oil on canvas. 1930 (Private Collection)

  17. Nadia Leger «Self. La partisane ». 1942. Oil on canvas. 73 × 115 (Gallery «Elysium»)

  18. Anonymous. The Dutch school of painting. «Pub». Wt. floor. XVII century. Wood, oil. 36,2 × 48,1 (Albion Gallery)

  19. Petrovichev PI «Dome of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra». 1916. Oil on canvas. 55 × 74 (Classics of the genre)

  20. Polyakov S. «Abstract Composition». 1966-1967. Oil on canvas. 92 × 73 (International art-gallery «Eritazh»)

  21. Serge Feral (Rudnev, own. Yastrebtsov SN) «Still life with fish». 1921-1925. Paper, gouache. 63 × 27,5 (Gallery «Elysium»)

  22. Smirnov-Rusetsky BA (1905-1993) «City of the sun». 1960's. Paper, pastel. 70 × 87 (Gallery «Vellum»)

  23. Somov KA Drawings and Paintings. 1920-1930. (LPM Fine Art)

  24. Chestnyakov EV collection of watercolors. 1905-1910. (Natalina Collection)

  25. Sharshunov S. «Sanctuary». 1951. Oil on canvas. 81 × 65 (International art-gallery «Eritazh»)

  26. Yakovlev A. «Colon Bechara. Algeria ». 1924. Oil on canvas on cardboard, tempera. 38 × 53,5 (Gallery «Elysium»)

  27. Yakovlev AE Collection Sangin. 1920-1930. (LPM Fine Art)

       Applied art

  1. Glasses-vases. C. XVIII century. Glass, opal, bronze (Gallery «Russian Seasons»)

  2. Werner AD (1865-1911) Sculpture «Alexander III». Russia, St. Petersburg. 1890. Bronze, casting, golden patina. B.-74, 2 (Gallery «Years Old, Moscow»)

  3. Desk pair ornaments «Centaur». Paris. 1810-s. Bronze, casting, fire gilding, patinirovanie, marble (cap) (Antique Gallery, St. Petersburg)

  4. collection of Easter eggs. St. Petersburg. Imperial Porcelain Factory. 1850-1880-s and the beginning of the twentieth century. W.-11 (Orthodox Antic. Private Collection Galina Oistrakh)

  5. lamp in the Neo-Gothic style. Russia, St. Petersburg. 1830-s. Bronze, casting, gilding, iron dyeing (lampshade) (Gallery «Vanitas»)

  6. medallion with a relief of Catherine II (Russian country estate)

  7. cellaret. End of the XVIII century. (Gallery «Subject, Arbat street 36 /2»)

  8. Sidur VA Collection sculptures. Metal (Zhare)

  9. Sculpture «Dance Shaherezada». Sculptor Francois. France. 1920-s. Bronze, casting, plating, marble (pedestal) (Bronze, St. Petersburg)

  10. Clock «Amour». Paris. 1810-20-e. Bronze, casting, fire gilding, enamel white (face) (Antique Gallery, St. Petersburg)

  11. Clock «Minin and Pozharsky». Thomire. Paris. First. Thur. XIX century. Bronze, casting, fire gilding, malachite, enamel (dial) (Antique Salon «Griboedovsky»)

       The Art of the East

  1. dish. China. Beg. XVIII century. Porcelain, painting nadglazurnaya (Gallery «Eurasia»)

  2. bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. China, the period of KANU. XVIII century. Mark Yunle period (1403-1424 gg.). Copper alloy, casting, gilding. Height - 39.5 cm (Alexander Dubrovin)

  3. vase with blooming sakura, crown and monogram «D». Signed: Satsuma Dzyukan Sy. Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912). Faience, painted iron nadglazurnaya paints, enamels, gilding. B. - 71 cm (Private Collection «Köhl»)

  4. vase. China, Yunchzhen period (1723-1735). Porcelain, painting nadglazurnaya (Gallery «Eurasia»)

  5. vase. China. After. third of the XVIII century. Porcelain, painted in cobalt podglazurnaya. B.-112 cm (Yugen)

  6. pair of vases depicting chrysanthemums. Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912) (Yugen)

  7. Collection Burmese sculpture. XVIII-XIX centuries. (Gallery Cyril Daneliya)

  8. collection of netsuke (65 pcs.). Japan. XIX century. Bone, wood. Rare pattern - porcelain, silver, lacquer (Gallery «Eurasia»)

  9. collection of metal art. Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912). Metal, ferrous alloys (Little Japan)

  10. Collection of Japanese embroidery. Japan. C. XIX century. Silk, embroidery (Yugen)

  11. Panel depicting an eagle. Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912). Silk, embroidery. (Oriental Collection)

  12. Sculpture «Archer». Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912). Metal inlay alloys (Oriental Collection)

  13. Sculptures «Samurai». Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912). Metal alloys (Oriental Collection)

  14. vessel in the form of a ball. Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912). Peregorodchataya enamel. (Little Japan)

  15. Figurine «Borets Sumo». Workshops Milo. Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912). Bronze, patinirovanie, gilding (Little Japan)

  16. Bowl. China. XVIII century. Jade, silver, gilding, carving. AD - 17 cm (Alexander Dubrovin)


  1. mahogany chest of drawers with gilt bronze and ebony inserts. St. Petersburg, workshop J. Maher. End of the XVIII century. (Russian country estate)

  2. Muller W. transforming chair-bed (in assembled form, and folding). 1932. Tree. 101 × 90 × 85cm. (Gallery «Russian avant-garde 10-30s»)

  3. Table lomberny. End of the XVIII century. Marquetry (Gallery «Gala»)

  4. Chest. XVII century. Binding prosechnym iron. (Russian country estate)

  5. cabinet display. F-ka Schmidt. Beg. 1900-x (Gallery «Gala»)


  1. Virgin Vilensky. The middle of the XVIII century. (Alekseevskii Compound)

  2. St. Nicholas. 1917. Workshop A.Ya. Vishurova, Moscow (Alekseevskii Compound)

  3. Descent into Hell. Wt. floor. XVIII century. (Alekseevskii Compound)


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