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Market expertise: preventive «separation» or reform?
ARTinvestment.RU   03 апреля 2008

Commercial expertise, one of the supporting institutions of art market, is a phase of reform from above

Commercial expertise, one of the supporting institutions of art market, is a phase of reform from above. How severe and prolonged will this process remains to be seen. But, as you know, in our country, the reform did not pass smoothly.

push for «bringing order», perhaps, was the series of public scandals, intended market expertise from the moment of removal from the famous Sotheby's auction pseudo Shishkina caught Marinus Kukkukom. Then the fake «Landscape with a stream» barely has been sold for more than a million dollars, that for May 2004 was fantastic for the money the picture is not Russian artist of world importance. They started to understand, and it turned out, that turned the thing accompanied by the opinion issued an authoritative expert museum. Then received resonance case antique Transfiguration, where the featured Western European paintings, turned under Peredvizhniki Kisseleva. From a technical point of view was about the same scheme. In addition to last year, were released three volumes of the catalog imitations, which, with all possible reservations, was not allowed to deny the scale of the problem. But most of the works of trehtomnika have been trading. And it is not simple, and with armorial. Surprisingly, hush failed.

first got Tretyakov. March 27, 2008 Deputy Director General of the Tretyakov Gallery presented the preliminary results of internal audit, which was the signal for including the publication of the directory. The report quotes Lydia Iovlevoy: «We conducted an analysis of these works (apparently published in catalogs fakes. - Ed .) And found that 561 of the paintings through the Tretyakov passed 215 pieces 116 of them received negative feedback from our experts, and 96 were declared forgeries originals. It is our mistake, and we recognize them ». What happened with three more works, the message did not explain - you can decide what testing is not finished yet. However, statistics is clear: almost every second of the investigated fakes Tretyakov received a positive opinion about the authenticity. Given that confirmed the status of painting grew in value every ten, the correct conclusions, do not just painfully naive person.

In any case, but by 2008, four years after the shameful «Shishkina», officials fully ripe to the idea that «it is time for the conservatory to change anything». And at the same time to protect themselves legally distantsiruyas from the problems of commercial expertise, carried out under the auspices of government agencies. It was decided to deprive the state museums to issue commercial opinions on their behalf (Tretyakov already banned), as suggested by the experts to be qualified in Rossvyazohrankulture to verify your professional status.

In February this year, according to some information, such certification were 450 specialists in cultural values. March 24, AI Vilkov, deputy head Rossvyazohrankultury, in an interview with radio station «Echo Moskvy» said that 800 people were certified. But in either case, admit a short time and the wide scope of this certification confused as well as the objectivity of the mass examinations in the Soviet times (on the principle: there is a complaint? - No complaints - the next).

Of course, the status of qualified expert is not automatic, not for life. It can deprive with systematic perpetration of errors. According to plans, cases of professional errors will be treated to expert advice when Rossvyazohrankulture (he only planned to have not yet been established), and the results of its consideration of possible administrative action. When the Board will be established, he said Vilkova, among the first issues to be considered errors made by experts Tretyakov. «Only the professional community can assess the error is or what», - has concluded Vilkov on «Ehe». With regard to the consequences of Deputy Rossvyazohrankultury pledged the following: «If there are sufficient reasons, we lishim certification announcement that the-experts, in view of the fact, denied the right to engage in this type of examination. Second: Of course, we will send the presentation to the Tretyakov Gallery on the appropriateness of such specialists ».

now in the Tretyakov Gallery has been working Rossvyazohrankultury Commission, which is about a month can give an opinion about what is happening for many years.

In addition to finding fault, and institutional reform Rossvyazohrankultury plans and a series of educational steps to remedy the situation: It is planned to consult experts from various museums, and in the same Tretyakov is a database of reference works.

So, what are more or less clear at the moment? Expertise will not do museums and certified experts in the private status. Findings will not be on the letterhead Tretyakov, and on some others. Attestation will Rossvyazohrankultury. And, judging by the scale of certification, the right to receive a first examination of nearly all the experts contacted. Then deal with professional mistakes and seek administrative decisions will be experts who will form Rossvyazohrankultury.

And then the questions begin. First of all, the board will consist of the same experts, each of which may lose its status by a decision of the same board? Does it not affect the quality of decisions?

Then, what will change for customers expert: collectors, galleries, and investors?

So far it seems that nothing will change special: on their own security paper, none of the expertise of people have not believed - only with the specific names of the experts. Another thing that made an impression on newcomers some impressive form could not be. And the bread.

Next, there will be experts from behind their backs which is formally no longer a museum, a more balanced draw conclusions? Quite possibly. It is a service provided by contractual means, in which case the possible legal consequences. Another point is that the institution of professional liability insurance in the country's poorly developed. Sometimes not at all desire zastrahuesh. But, maybe, something, and then shifted. Insure the same professional responsibilities of auditors. Maybe, and experts will be able to insure their?

apparently works conceived reform or not, will be on the first trial Advisory Board. If the Qualified experts would actually deny the status, one conversation. And if a false solidarity will prevail and everything will be down on the brakes, limited public reprimand, is not worth an old song all public appraisal. Time will tell.

In the meantime, the same rent that most effectively within the framework of such reform is solved only one problem - the withdrawal of reputational risks to the public institutions. Now even formally can not be suspected of bad faith on the same Tretyakov - only a specific person. If, indeed, the meaning is largely in this, the reform has failed. Here are the sellers and buyers interested in a few other problems.

Do not wait for the fruits of reform from above, professional market participants, working «on the ground» antique and art dealers are trying to take the process into their own hands. His drop in the number of experts, the reform from below, a separate search for the answer to the question of whom to trust, are held under the auspices of the International Confederation of antique and art dealers (MKAAD, ), a trade union of workers in the art market, established in 2004. Work to create a list of experts has started, of course, not yesterday. Several years of Confederation poll conducted antiques: in the saloons have been surveys of professionals with a view to compiling a list of competent professionals. Where a candidate is working in the private sector or the public museum, is an employee of the laboratory or practitioner, well versed art dealer, was not important. Significance was only professional criteria. Based on data collected in surveys of Confederation formed the top experts in various fields of art. Candidates who obtain the largest number of points were put to a vote within the Confederation. Within each section of the professional expert, in accordance with the Rules Confederation were to be given 2 /3 vote and the winner receives the right to be accredited MKAAD. Already aware that the first results of the Confederation of certified and plans to publish the names of 14 experts who enjoy prestige in their fields (usually the expert has a high competence for the creation of only two or three artists). List of certified experts Confederation antique and art dealers will widen as the professional section will bring to a vote of its experts. It is still not clear. But it certainly will not be 450-800 certified experts, both in terms of Rossvyazohrankultury. The idea of reform from the bottom - take a number ... And there too the market decide.

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