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Nicholas Vechtomov
ARTinvestment.RU   18 апреля 2007

On April 17 left the life of Nicholas E. Vechtomov (1923-2007) - the original artist, whose name is synonymous with the famous «Lianozovsky Group» (the most famous of its representatives - Oscar Rabin and Vladimir Nemukhin).

on 17 April has left the life of Nicholas E. Vechtomov (1923-2007) — original artist, whose name is associated with the famous "Lianozovsky group" (the most famous of its representatives — Oscar Rabin and Vladimir Nemukhin). In his lifetime, the essays on the works Vechtomova you can find a lot of definitions of the main creative directions, which had remained unchanged since 1960-х years: biomorphic surrealism, decorative kosmizm, lyrical expressionism, the game beznaturnyh structures and forms in space, symbolic abstraction. Impressed by his emotionally intense, almost aggressive songs, you can use any combination of words, and all will be right. The creative legacy of the artist only in the process of formalization. Cleared the terminology is determined by the place of the artist in the history of postwar art. While mistakes are possible, and interpretations can conflict. The confusion is in the words not terrible. But you cannot learn the work almost impossible. — is a distinctive place their imagery and palette. Over decades of creativity, the artist used a variety of fancy compositional forms. But it is enough to see only some of them, so that in the future almost unmistakably recognize his work.

it is believed that some of the most spectacular compositions Vechtomova based on a painfully vivid impressions. Many of them he carried from the war, from Stalingrad, which came as a teenager with the Kursk arc, from captivity, from the fighting in the Czech partisan resistance. For example, the flash from the explosion of the downed fighter to clean snow-covered field Vechtomov than once recalled in an interview. But the long vivid impression could be just a colorful sunset, descending to the earth, — landscape that, no need to go far, and in the North suburbs often is "moon". From poignant experiences — colors: black, orange, to hurt one's eyes red... Hence the shape. So, one of the main subjects of the late 1980-х — fantastic "blades", whether a sunset stretching to pierce the heavens, or, on the contrary, cast out of heaven and plunged into the firmament. Remember viktorovskii boiling the biomass in his division — like the image of the intelligent ocean of Solaris. Another common theme — "space" stalagmites. In the later paintings Vechtomova used figurative and non-figurative images (the same snake), but they served the role of not likely characters, and symbols, allowing you to stay within abstraction.

In contrast to the stories of other "lianozovtsev»,social-бытовые topics not included in the artist's works. Except for the fact that good and evil in their unity and struggle in those times of life in the USSR was the theme of almost home. Work Vechtomova, drawn to the eternal themes from the 1960-х featured highly decorative. At times it even seems excessive. Who-то like it, who-то puts her in reproach the artist for whom indeed characterized by very careful drawing. If the background gradients, with the smooth spray. If the geometric symbols, the accuracy of the draftsman. Looking at the year of creation, we can suspect the artist to have good knowledge of modern rendering software Corel Painter. But this is all done long-hand, even without the expressive splashes and sweeping stroke, but laborious, concentrated. So, as it did very few of the sixties, except that Krasnopevtsev, Plavinsky, Weisberg.

it is Clear that each of the "lianozovtsev" go its own way in art, but yet it's amazing how different ideas and means of expression have Vechtomova and Rabin. You can try to find the commonalities in the oppressive atmosphere looming threat, but it is similar to the stretch — very different views. Digressing, I recall the version that the term "Lianozovsky group" was not invented by its participants, and their colleagues in the Mosh, when choosing the wording for the exclusion from its ranks of Eugene Kropivnitskogo. Then, the set of accusations of formalism, it was fashionable season with participation in an organized "criminal" community. So we should not overestimate the terms. And if the "Lianozovsky group", it is certainly not "Lianozovsky school".

When you need the obituaries published and read, life fills the void.

it is Clear that, over time, start to significant market adjustments in the cost of the scenic heritage. The price of the work of Nicholas Vechtomova, even in recent years was not established. On a clear market understanding of how much it should cost, I had, as there was no representative auction sales. Small realistic still lifes and landscapes. 1950-х years until recently, cost quite a symbolic money and are unlikely to now be worth significantly more. From an artistic point of view, they are not interesting and often merge with the mass of field works of the socialist realists. Accordingly, the investment potential in them. Surreal abstraction. — is another matter. Today for mid-size canvases better quality may request up to 30-40 thousand dollars. Surreal abstract graphics high degree of maturity (and Vechtomova it is very decorative) can ask up to 10-15 thousand dollars. Quite adequate price today. Large pencil drawings until relatively recently, cost about two thousand dollars. What are they worth now? Probably not less than three-четырех thousand.

once again, what about the market prices now can only speak with a very high degree of conditionality. But already on June 15 at MacDougall's to be held sale, which may enter the first public price targets for works Vechtomova. Up for auction will be two quite revealing and high quality clothes from the collection of Alexander Glezer. Graphics for the song "Protection" 1972years experts appointed auction estimate: 4-6 thousand pounds. According to D, in the result, the trading price may increase up to 15 thousand pounds, that is about 30 thousand dollars. Pictorial composition "Black sun" 1990 — return to the same favorite viktorovskoe theme with sharp blades, as in the "Protection". Decorative painting is quite large in size auction house experts estimated at 10-20 thousand pounds. According to D, the cost will be about 25 thousand pounds. For a start.

On what is this opinion? On the subjective assessment of class work, his power, innovation, and decorative features. Around it turns out that the place Vechtomova about the same "Lianozovsky" the cage, next to Nemukhin. But if this assumption is true, then if not now but in the foreseeable future paintings Vechtomova must submit current nemuhinskie the level of 150-200 thousand dollars. In the meantime, with interest will follow the auction on June 15. @Ndashто suggests that the result can be very unexpected.

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