Выдача займов под залог картин и скульптур XIX-XXI веков

Первый профессиональный сервис по выдаче займов под залог произведений искусства

The list of experts ICAAD
ARTinvestment.RU   03 марта 2017

The list of experts accredited to the International Confederation of antique and art-дилеров in the professional section

Love L. Agafonov
an expert on the works of Ilya Tabenkina, Marlen Spindler, Nicholas Vechtomova, B. A. Smirnov-Русецкого

James Butterwick
an expert on the works of Alexander Bogomazov

Gregory Balzer
an Expert on Western European furniture of the XIX centuries.

Maxim A. boxer
Expert in Russian paintings and graphics the first half of the twentieth century

Anatoly Borovkov
an Expert on books and printed graphics Russian avant-garde 1910 @- 1930-х.

Marianne A. Bubchikova
Russian porcelain of the XVIII-XX BB

Irina Leonidovna Velicogna
an Expert on Russian and Western book of the XVIII – XX centuries.

Alexei Vengerov
an Expert on Russian book XVIII @- XIX centuries and foreign literature XVIII @- XIX centuries, connected with the history of Russia

Ildar Galeev Ibrahimovic
the works of artists 1920 -30-х., "Leningrad school" Nikolay Tyrsa, Nikolay Lapshin.

Andrew Akimovich Gilodo
Russian art metal and enamel XIX centuries., including articles made of precious metals; the Western artistic metal and enamel of the nineteenth century, including articles of precious metals

Olga Glebova
Expert in works on paper by artists of the Russian Diaspora and the creative heritage of N. To. Roerich

Elena V. Gorsky
Expert on the bibliography of Russian books

Ludmila AronovnaDementieva
the Expert on art metal and sculpture of the XVIII – XIX centuries, Russia, Western Europe

Elena Long
the Russian and foreign glass XVIII – early XX centuries.

Michael F. Dubrovin
Hallmarks for precious metals, XVIII – XX V.

Valery Aleksandrovich Dudakov
the works of artists of Association "Blue rose"

Irina Konstantinovna of Ephraim
Russian furniture XVIII – XIX centuries.

Dmitry Zhuravlev
Russian decorative-прикладное art and furniture XVII – XIX centuries.

Konstantin Vladimirovich Zhuromsky
Russian Cabinet bronze sculpture of 2-й half of the XIX-начала XX century

Natalia S. Ignatov
an Expert on Russian painting of the second half of the XIX century

Eugene A. Ilyukhin
an expert on the works of M. F. Larionov and N. Goncharova

Vladimir K. Kostrigin
Russian furniture XVIII – early XX centuries.

Igor A. Kornyshev
the Work of Adolf Alekseeva, Nina Sergeeva, Konstantin Nazarov

Larisa Ivanovna Kuzmenko
Expert on ornamental-прикладному art and porcelain of China

Natalia Fedorovna Kournikova
The expert on creativity N. Tarkhova, M. Vorobyev-Стебельской (Marevny)

Sonya Maricevic
the Work of S. F. Kolesnikov

the Expert on the clock, scientific instruments XVIII-XXвв. (Russia, Western Europe)

Tatiana, Mikhienko
, the Expert on creativity of artists in the composition of unions: the OST, "Thirteen", "Circle of artists"

Tatiana Muntean
Product of the Russian jewelry firms of the XIX – beginning of XX century (fabergé, Bolin, Khlebnikov, etc.)

Galina Oistrakh
Applied art XVIII – XX centuries: the porcelain, glass

Eleanor V. Poston
Creativity Pohitonova I. P., V. D. Polenov

Julia V. Rybakov
Expert in creative artists of Russian émigré Soviet artists

Vadim A. Sadkov
Foreign paintings of the XVI – XVII centuries.

Valery S. Silaev
an Expert on the Russian chart XX century, Moscow unofficial art of the 1960-х., technology and graphics.

Elena p. Smirnova
Glass XVIII – early XX centuries.

Alexander G. Stadnik
Furniture XVIII – XIX centuries

Olga Borisovna Strugova
the Furniture of the XIX – early XX centuries.

Igor O. Sychev
Bronze XVIII – XIX, light fittings

Mikhail Tyurikov
the Furniture of the XIX – beginning of XX centuries

Yury Tyukhtin
The expert on creativity N. M. Romadina, A. M. Gerasimov, S. V. Gerasimov, V. V. Pochitalova

Leonid Stepanovich Shishkin
an expert on the works of A. M. Gerasimov , Dmitry Nalbandian

Irina Shumanova
Graphics "of the art World"

Sevon Savanovic, Azizian
the painting of the end XIX centuries.

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