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"I burned my life," Interview with Vladimir Kotlyarov - Tolstoy (1937-2013)
ARTinvestment.RU   05 марта 2013

February 23, died of the sixties, rebel, cheerful founder "vivrizma" Vladimir Kotlyarov famous fat - one of the most prominent figures of artistic exile. We publish fragments of an interview with the artist, taken by Alekseev in 2004

thick at a concert in memory of Natalia Medvedeva in B2 Club, February 2, 2004
Photo by Vadim Alexeev

February 23, died of the sixties, rebel, artist, founder of the cheerful "vivrizma" Vladimir Kotlyarov famous fat - one of the most prominent figures of artistic exile. We publish fragments of an interview with the artist Vadim Alexeev taken in 2004.

In Paris inveterate and shore of the English Channel buried Vladimir Solomonovich Kotlyarov legendary stout, the first man of the universe , editor and provocateur family anthology "Mulet," Commander of the Order of the name Boyar Ordin-Nashokin, sovereign anarchist, actor and bullfighter, who lived by the principle: moment - the document - an act . "Mulet" does not recognize the authority, handing out blows right and left, performances Tolstoy anticipated many imitators. In Moscow he feared, not loved and carefully constructed hierarchy of income conceptualism not allowed. Farewell followers gathered and passed on the day of the Pope's resignation, 32 years ago, a week before the attack on his predecessor Agca, Fat undressed in the Trevi fountain and asked passers-by with the slogan "The Italians, take care of Daddy!" Said Igor Dudinsky cultural studies, "with the beginning of his acquaintance with contemporary art Thick set a goal to clear it of cynics, pragmatists and merchants. No wonder the parents considered him incorrigible romantic. The main weapon he chose vivrizm (from French vivre - live), which begat the price and suffered all his scandalous life. " In this interview for the first time reveals many Thick its details and without mercy handed out on earrings.

begin, perhaps, with Koktebel, Volodya?

Koktebel - a place inscribed in the history of my life is completely indelible. In the 53 th year, when I was 16, I graduated from the 9th grade, and my mother have to settle down for two weeks in Crimea. We came to Yalta, boarded a ship and sailed to Odessa. Then came the era of Koktebel, where I went for 26 years. In May, July and September. For me, Koktebel - the whole gay life. Sometime in the intellectuals were two parties - Sudak and Koktebel. In May, seeking to drive Sudak. Walleye represented , Koktebel - Henry Sapgir. We said goodbye to Henry in Koktebel in the 78th year. Even to reach the provincial capital of Paris discuss the destruction of "Kiselevka" when the house of the artist Kiseleva bulldozer demolished.

In Koktebel I was in the same 78th, at the age of six, in the House of Art, and he have more associated with a house Voloshin.

The house Voloshin titled attended by artists and writers, those who have a liberal chevrons and medals. We had to be in high society, in a secular cultural get-together. In such places, I got as a functionary, titled restorer: in Yalta Chekhov I restored the house, as chief of the department of restoration arts and sculpture. The house writers exist on its own. On the waterfront were two large prefabricated houses, which housed the technocratic center. There I got the head Gipromez data center, on Prospekt Mira, State Planning Institute of metallurgical plants. But once for bohemians I did not belong, was otvyazny technologist, sang the song "What a wonderful land around the bay Kokteblya».

Vladlen Bahnov wrote, anthem aksenovskoy company. About company Kiselevskaya legends.

I've always been a stranger in an artistic environment. There was booze, it was heavily implicated in the alcohol. And even then, the unit experimented with sherry, with Massandra port. Of course, someone tapped. And on "Kiselevka" was vulgar-garde subculture. Bohemia. In Paris, I had picture hanging Kiselevsky window. I "Kiselevka" painted - painted walls, windows. Kiseleva house stood on the mountain. In the last year I lived there for five weeks, and left three of his great work in the full confidence of the house of eternity. But two years later it was demolished. This place is sure to be a historic one day (it's not about me) - too many great people living there, spend the night, acted, sang. The hill will be glorified, described and photographed. I painted it, bred a lot of ink and watered green grass stripes of color width of five meters. I wrote at tempera - she quickly dried up - and quite liberties with a tube. Everyone thinks that I stole this manner at Zverev Anatoly T. .

But it was in the air, the same Mikhnov wrote a tube.

But he wrote abstraction Zverev - portraits, and I - flowers.

What Kotlyarov Vladimir Tolstoy became an artist?

the age of 13, I went to summer camp in the Small Vyazemy, where he earned the nickname Vovik-fat. I can not boast of having been fascinated by Jules Verne. I was correct student, I had no twos and threes, my mother was a teacher in the same 310-th school in the Kozlov Lane. They say that there is a special Jewish Lyceum. When I first came to Moscow from Paris, then went to see my birthplace. Then all well preserved: I saw the porch window. In Furmanny Lane, at 18, the entrance of the yard, later squat "Amanita" and one of them lived in apartment 37, where I spent my earliest years before, childhood. The apartment is 37 lived a brother of his father, uncle, Mark.

And the year was 37th.

My father was an otolaryngologist, mother a teacher of Russian language and literature at school. When I was born, they had nowhere to live, and his uncle was the room where we all lived with her grandmother. There's my first memory in life, when I had a cold, I was given a hot bath for the feet, and I'm yelling - the nose is still well founded. The apartment 9, where we made a house manager and where I lived until graduating from high school, the entrance was not out of the yard and the street. We had two rooms, and there we already lived four. And in the 37th apartment Uncle Mark hanged himself safely in the 52 th year. He was very nice and kind person, a psychiatrist. When I got the measles, Uncle Mark I nursed - the father and mother were at work, and the psychiatrist was a free man. He has, for example, was the book "How to use the sun, the air, and wine grapes." The only remedy for measles was then hang a red box. Hung slogans and posters. We had a villa, where neighbors were with the Pope - doctors mediocre, mom - school teacher. None of them was not a professor, nor the head of the hospital. Soldier intelligence. Outstanding figure was my grandmother, was visited in Switzerland. She married in 1910, the 11th was born Uncle Yura and his mother - in 1913. And in the 16th year of my grandfather, Colonel of the tsarist army of Anatoly Petrov, killed during the Brusilov breakthrough explosive bullet dumdum. He was not a famous warrior, but he was the master of textile factories in the country for Zelenovka Balashikha and Gardner was a shareholder of the plant.

evacuation remember?

The brothel was still that, when the Germans moved to Russia. The father immediately went to the front, was the head of a field hospital, and our children's boarding school where her mother was a teacher, in August, sent to Smolensk. Nurse took my grandmother, Alexandra. We lived in an old forestry. Every other day someone went to the station for the mail and bread, there and back 16 kilometers. In late October, it became colder. One day the mother came running, shouting that the Germans were coming to the station, gave several carts with horses, and then there is my first memory: we are already on the station, a skirmish, the German attack, the soldiers are hiding in our trenches. Just there was the front line and the order was: do not let on, but we had nowhere to take out - the compositions are all gone. It turned out that no one sent us to meet the Germans, several orphanages were loaded into cattle trains and shipped. Were some engines, but cars were gone. Around explosions, screaming, running around - I remember that night in great detail. Mother and grandmother found an open platform, pick up the train and began to transfer the children. Locomotive was under steam, runs past on the strength of ten men. The first death I saw in the night, one of the soldiers guarding the station, was killed on me. Suddenly there was a terrible cry, for me poured his blood, and I cried.

Technical your career did not interfere with the artistic?

I have several entities - the technical, military, and art criticism. I think that the presence of this technical career and did not allow me to take the avant-garde artists in the company. Therefore, my success in the company's international considerably more successful than in Russia. I graduated from the Moscow College of oxy-welding in the department of instrumentation. I finished school, aviation specialists and flew the first Soviet bombers with nuclear warheads, "IL-68". In atomic units, I had worked as a specialist in oxygen and high-altitude equipment. The peak of my military career came in the 58th year. I have flown as either a gunner-radio operator, was sitting in back of the plane, a machine-gun duel was fought against stroke movement. Pilot, navigator and gunner. Both in attack aircraft. But, because the war was not in place the arrow part of the summer art aircraft. The left was air mail, I sat there and could not regulate any processes in the plane. But after the army began to work in the department of computing machines in the Bauman Higher Technical School. Then came a daughter, Tanya, who is now 45 years old, and I went to the 49th Aviation Plant. From there I was sent to Minsk, he studied electronic computers wisdom. On his return, in 26 years, became the head of the data center's mailbox. And under my mathematics was 200, which came up with all these programs. My team established the first Soviet electronic computer at ENEA. There were people and defiantly working on orders.

computer as in a film about Ivan?

Over with the room! Then, because there was no semiconductors, I only worked on the tube machines, starting with the "Minsk-1", and then on the latest models, "Minsk-11" and "12." In GIPROMEZ I organized a data center from scratch, put the Ming machine and run it successfully in the design industry. In Magnitogorsk, very bad for two areas of wind rose. And as soon as the prevailing winds begin to blow, the whole stench rushed to residential neighborhoods. I got an assignment to define it and calculate the most comfortable and safe areas of building. Not sleeping, not eating, working in pairs for port wine all day, went home twice a week, but the heroic victory. When computers became semiconductor, I began nonsense and went into the forest with geologists.

And what went into the forest - pits beat?

I realized that my intellectual efforts in the technique useless. One year I took unpaid leave, the chief engineer thought I was a man under the guise of an enlightened and suddenly materialized school love let go. It was: taiga, tundra, and lover - boss exploration party, where I was working in the unit of three. In man-made organizations had their voluntarism. I was one of the authors of "Sirens" - the flight reservation system for airlines, which is still working on Leningrad Prospect, 37. Now there are new wires and other electronic devices, but there was logic to access the database. My drawings on Sinko survived! Links between cash registers were not: in one there were no tickets, and in Izmailovo - a single person to the people and the phone does not work. That made the automatic distribution of opportunities. And then comes secretary of the Moscow party committee and said, "What if I need to book tickets for the day after 13? Make a special button "-" And who will pay if you do not redeem tickets for the day? "-" It does not concern you, do what you say. " And I realized that all the technical efforts are lost, because they have to leave for the Central Committee, and the Executive Committee MK 60 percent of the tickets. The planes were flying again empty, but people could not fly away. And the logic of our work and the enormous costs of education professionals have been in vain.

The railway and now there are no tickets, but the trains are empty.

relations system remains the same. Head of a cash register, not wanting to conflict with the supreme command, at one's own risk reserves a ticket to the last moment. The second side - carelessness. People have remained the same. In France, it is impossible. Tickets are selling well. My wife - amateur bullfighting. For three weeks during a bullfight in Nimes, Paris no tickets. And this is money - and begin to let the new trains out of schedule. There must be a logical structure of the distribution of tickets possible. In the 69th year I held the position of chief power "Avtomatsistemproekta" Ministry of Equipment, but studied at Moscow University in the evening. My classmate Lena Bazhanov was 18, and I - over thirty.

These two lives intersect?

crossed in my personality. I was working and making money big captains of industry and studied with lenyami Bazhanov at the university. My first and only personal apartment was cooperative in Chertanovo. Without any effort, I was the most influential leader of the course. So my young classmates was started a legend that the KGB send me to Moscow University. In exile, leaving the individual, and those who created these rumors could not go there, to take responsibility for their lives and the lives of his family. They are people of different class. Descendants I will leave the book, where we mean all the names, dates, evidence, number of archives. Both then and now the situation is the same, the people are the same, the same family lineage and the same refusal to put into their midst those who do not belong to the elite who deny their ideals. Those who were once anti-Soviet, formed structurally the same situation as their opponents.

What the Dovlatov wrote.

If now Dovlatov was in Moscow, he would have for his services. The horror is that at all stages of its development, Russian artistic and intellectual elite resorts to become famous by herself "with whom the sign", "how many published", "where he performed." Once you're in this situation does not get, no personal relationships like odnokashnichestva the university is not working. And ask disgusting. There is a prestigious group of people and not prestigious. And it is not mixed. Hearing on 30 writers, more than 3000 hearing. Wonderful book Roman Senchin no one knows, but he suffered a serious prize for outstanding overall grayness of the novel. Senchin not at the hearing, unlike Tolstoy Ulitskaya.

opposition IFF works flawlessly. But here's Alexander Vasiliev entered in the same establishment from.

Alexander Vasiliev - a man of high parsing, brilliant, what about him may say. Brilliant chef, a brilliant conversationalist and a brilliant organizer secular relations. I'm not just talking about the receptions and exhibitions, but one-on-one conversations - a magnificent, imposing, always a leader, but never oppressive, it is always superior to the interlocutor in the volume of information and fine feeling. This person should be well prepared and be able to feed.

What is your perception of the taste of France?

in France is better. Even Chinese cuisine. Vagrich Bakhchinyan took me to a Chinese restaurant in New York and would like this surprise, but before that I have a few years of eating Chinese food in French. Subtle elegance and layered taste of the Chinese stock that fills the same spaghetti, differs from the rough thick New York and London Chinese food. In London, I went to Igor Pomerantsev, until he left the BBC BBC and not divorced from his wife. Protestant terribly tasteless food - the whole chicken and potato chunks. But in France, I do not find that happy situation where three people will sit and listen to my nonsense! Everyone do yourself.

Vladimir Kotlyarov restores museum in the village of Athanasius Bulavina Starocherkasskaya Vsevelikogo Don Cossacks. Portrait of Michael Sokolenko. 1974

After graduation you headed restoration gang.

Restoration I think a successful side of his life experience. I edited out the collection of scientific articles on the methods of restoration of sculpture and decorative arts. My two theoretical papers were devoted to human creativity in the primary secondary monument restorer responsible for keeping each stroke - that was perceived very painfully in the restoration environment where once was to do everything beautifully and correctly. And as you practice, I have a record so far is not covered with the achievement - in Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsk I restored the first one a monument to Lenin in St. Petersburg, in 1924, casting, 18 meters high, on the penalty, red marble pedestal.

you Restored monumental propaganda?

Once I foolishly believed that morality is important to do, now I understand that the case forms the moral. The most important value in life - work assigned to man, and the quality with which he performs it. Everything else - the foam on the beer. The word "professional" is not a genius and creator. In July 1970, having started in the restoration, I was first sent to Udmurtia, Izhevsk. Young employees good trips - to Riga or Tallinn - do not give. And I went to Udmurtia in order to write a report on the state of the Izhevsk museum collections and the need for restoration shops there - which I did. I saw myself in Udmurtia of these arcs and horse girths, I felt very sad, but I am a very conscientious in your work and always what they pay money, whether it's a movie with Isabelle Adjani or museum girth. I was the first restorer who worked in Udmurtia, and took out of the excavation dilapidated fabric and bark products. My wife was udmurtka immaculately speaks the local language and knowing all the traditions. Then she returned home from St. Petersburg with an art degree, graduating from the university in part 21. There I worked two or three months, and, when he left, Lyudmila was already pregnant. Our daughter was thirty-five, she made a remarkable career in the security services, to the highest French police academy, knows five languages, in Russian says bad in Udmurt not speak at all. Her hobby - collecting apartments in Courchevel including. Russian civilization to me it could not be what could - if you pay the money, work to the maximum.


As a decent man, exactly one day before the submission of documents to the Visa Office, I applied for dismissal. On the same day I left the Communist Party, which consisted of. I was taking the wooden stretchers - that there is 10 times cheaper. Such idiocy, I have not heard any public stories about emigration. I thought that, not having to drink a glass of water Vienna, begin collecting stretchers and create your first masterpiece emigrant.

In Vienna, I immediately began to look as you can, do not trade without betraying, not gossiping on the radio, make money. I went through the galleries and a week later went to work to restore the icons, pictures. All of the major errors when I got divorced, and acquire other wives are made in this regard. Val has lived for 30 years in Paris, and he did not have to think about selling their works, nor about housing. She found him a studio on the Boulevard Raspail and returned him. But for an artist of our age absence of at least one personal directory fatal: no guarantee that you will remember and will show you what you do in life, no.

you - one central, though not the most attractive characters in Paris of his book.

Val Vorobyov always treated me jealous, knowing that our success rate is different: he had a family , I know the whole avant-garde France. And the French book will be the basis on which to make his future glory.

«Enemy of the People" - "St. Petersburg winter," the 60's, and their Bible's main contribution to the history culture.

Vorobiev realized as an artist, he has at two thousand works. He needs money. Oleg wide Parisian public is not known. Then, from the Porte Maillot is a walk to the Port de Lille, from west to east, every day. Not sprayed, completely absorbed in the passion to paint. There were 70 of the works he wrote in the last five years, but before it was exposed 15 works 60s, among them - "The Door." I wrote about this text. In Düsseldorf I stoned to turbidity in the asphalt. Then there is also regularly been difficult, and Yakovlev made a rare human feat in exile, to be glorified in the tablets of history. Build their skills on the destruction of another should not. Performance "space net vivrizma", 28 April 1983, squat on rue Darko
Photo Valentin Samarin

Medvedev complained that Til 'photographs, and then freak out when print. Each artist has a right to pose, to choose the form of life and communication, they would not have happened, if the artists were like ordinary people. Now he has no shop in the squat anymore. If at any time something stops him like he goes out with the convenience and benefit. Where else can you be from the Paris of 2000 be transferred to Moscow in 1975-th, with cooking showdowns, ladies in fur coats and herring under a fur coat. Mile Shvoles - patron of the arts, and the tail was a man of the play, and he has given to the basement. If he had not given the room, it would not pay each month for electricity and water, nothing would have happened. I telephoned the people, someone gave the signature, some do not. Still, I wrote this, I believe. Best behaved Henry Volokhonsky, who's impeccably honest. Henri Volokhonsky, liberal people, is on the other political pole, but just signed a letter in support of Limonov.

Limonov provocateur in the best sense, like you.

I in no way condone the political position of Limonov and his antics. But there were many scribblers and swindlers - all preserved in my archives, which I have four tons.

Why "Mulet" struggled with Kabakov?

Against Kabakov there is not a single word. Which I do not think pioneer. Before him, in the West the installation did ten years. Intellectually he is a powerful man. They earn money for his propaganda. I remember them at the Moscow exhibition.

first money was made in the 95th year, but I have not even 96-no money left. I came just two months, of which was filmed last month in Georgia, and then came to Irka Alpatovo Talochkin with Lenya, and she offered to put his collection. In Hollywood - "Ronin" and "Godzilla", which, however, only dubbed into Russian voice mayor of New York. I appear on the screen in forty minutes into the movie, I collect dead bodies after St. Bartholomew.

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