Another false conclusion allegedly GRC academician Igor Grabar
ARTinvestment.RU   26 ноября 2019

For the fourth time at the suggestion of GRC named after academician I. E. Grabar we publish a false expert opinion supposedly issued by the experts of the Center. Beware!

Before your next false conclusion on a false work. Experts of the Grabar centre named after academician I. E. Grabar for the fourth time provide us with the "lime" that was allegedly issued at the Center Grabar.

a Consolidated list of all the previous fakes that we had previously published at the suggestion of GRC named after academician I. E. Grabar, you can see here.

All the previous "expert opinion" was made by the forgers allegedly at the paintings of Russian artists, and now it came to painting foreign, in this case Dutch.

This picture has not passed examination in GRC named after academician I. E. Grabar, expert opinion on it was issued, and the Center Grabar irrelevant to this "document" is not!

aiming to sell a fake, supplying them with false papers, the attackers simultaneously discrediting scientific work of the experts of the Grabar Centre for examination and attribution.

ARTinvestment.RU and GRC named after academician I. E. Grabar recommend customers to be vigilant and to always check the authenticity of expert reports, which should to contact.

Attention! All materials of the site and database of auction results ARTinvestment.RU, including illustrated reference information about the works sold at auctions, are intended for use exclusively for informational, scientific, educational and cultural purposes in accordance with Art. 1274 of the Civil Code. Use for commercial purposes or in violation of the rules established by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is not allowed. ARTinvestment.RU is not responsible for the content of materials submitted by third parties. In case of violation of the rights of third parties, the site administration reserves the right to remove them from the site and from the database on the basis of an application from an authorized body.

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