The society Zelenaya koshka

1918-1920, Khabarovsk

Members: V. Gruzinskii, G. V. Gusak, S. Lukashev, P. I. Lions, P. V. Lubarsky, . P. Naumov, V. N. Palmov, J. Plassche.

Exhibitions: 1-я — 1918 (Khabarovsk).

the First avant-garde society in the far East and the eponymous publishing house. Was founded by the initiative of young artists P. V. lubarsky, . P. Naumov, J. Plassche. Participants gathered in a room in the people's house in Khabarovsk; the activities of the group proceeded outside government. The ideological basis of creativity was a mix of formal experiment in the arts with the objectives of the embodiment of a new attitude, which was to fit a new plastic language.

the Society held a number of small exhibitions in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok (not mentioned in the reference book "Exhibitions of Soviet art" Moscow, 1965, vol. 1), where prevailing currents were expressionism and neo-primitivism; and took a Central place in the graph. N. P. Naumov and J. Plassche participated in the First exhibition of Russian artists in Japan, organized D. Burliuk and V. N. Palm.

In 1918-1919 in the group was dominated by the artistic atmosphere of the Studio, typical of the art 1910-х years. In 1919, the members prepared and released two albums of etchings. Studied traditional art of the aborigines of the Amur region. At the turn of 1919-1920 society is actually divided into 2 groups. The first was P. I. lions and J. Plassche;, they are characterized by commitment to easel art and the subject of painting. Second — P. V. lubarsky and . P. Naumov, and tended to experiment in a broader context (synchronic composition, a series of "Prostitute" P. V. lubarsky; painting on linoleum, posters . P. Naumov).

In the mid 1920s, the group disbanded. N. P. Naumov went to fight in the guerrilla unit. V. Gruzinskii was killed. P. V. lubarsky he moved to Vladivostok, where he worked in the magazine and the group "Work".

the activities of the society devoted to the work of E. Y. Torchinskii: Art Association "Green cat". Formation, tendencies, wizard: on the history of far Eastern art 1910-1920-х years (St. Petersburg, 2004) and the monograph: "the avant-garde in the far East: @ldquo;Зеленая [email protected];, Burliuk and others" (St. Petersburg, 2011).


1. E. Torchinsky Yu. Art Association "Green cat". Formation, tendencies, wizard: on the history of far Eastern art 1910-1920-х years. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of art criticism. SPb., 2004.
2. D. Y. Severyukhin, Leikind O. L. The Golden age of art associations in Russia and the Soviet Union. Reference. SPb., 1992. S. 67.

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