The Intimate studio of painters and graphic artists

1914-1915 St-Петербург

Members: D. N. Kakabadse, A. M. Kirillov, E. A. Lasson-Спирова (Lesson-Спирова), E. K. Pskovites, P. N. Filonov.

a Group of artists@the semicolon was formed after the closing of the exhibition "Union of youth" in January 1914. Officially were not decorated. In March the group published a Manifesto "Made paintings", which became the first printed Declaration of analytical art.

Filonov wrote: "our aim is to work paintings and drawings, made with all the charm of hard work, because we know that the most valuable thing in the painting or drawing — is a mighty work of man over the thing in which he reveals himself and his immortal soul -- on the painting we say that we worship her, entered, ingrained into the picture and we are opening a new era of art — century made paintings and drawings, and our country will move the centre of gravity of art, our country who have created memorable marvelous temples, art, artisans and icons." Following this principle "madeness" the body of the work must grow, as all living things grow in nature.

To cooperate in the group P. N. Filonov tried to involve Malevich and M. V. Matyushin, but to no avail. In 1916 the group actually broke up-за the mobilization of the front of its leader — P. N. Filonov.

the Second attempt of the organization of the Association of followers of analytical art was undertaken in the first half of 1920-х: after the exhibition of paintings of Petrograd artists of all directions (1923) P. N. Filonov was asked to lead a workshop later, which was afterwards formed the group "masters of analytical art".

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