Moscow Association of Stage Designers

1928-1932, Moscow

Members: N. E. Eisenberg, P. M. Altman, V. K. Amelung, M. Y. Artyukhova, N. P. Bektaeva, A. P. Bielski, L. K. Dmitriev, E. V. Dynin, A. I. Efimov, S. N. Efimova-Шевалдышева, A. M. Zaikov, E. N. Zeldovich, L. M. Zotov, V. F. Ibraev, K. Z. Kalakin, V. P. Kiselev, D. E. Kozhuhova-Ефименко, V. P. Komardenkov, I. I. Korolev, M. I. Korsakov, A. A. Kuzin, K. F. Loginov, L. A. Lozovsky, K. N. Malyshev, A. V. Martynov, . A. Musatov, A.V. Nazarene, A. I. Naumov, . N. Nedomova, . N. Obrucheva, R. V. Raspopov, B. A. Rodionov, A. M. Rodchenko, A. N. Rudnev, P. D. Senators, Z. M. Sirvent, V. F. Stepanova, D. L. Sulerzhitsky, A. A. Fomin.

Exhibitions: the First theatre-декорационная exhibition — 1929 (Moscow).

Based in September 1928 on the initiative of the alumni theatre-декорационного of the faculty of higher art and technical Institute. Originally joined about 50 members. Included 3 sections — theatre-зрелищную, cultural-бытовую, science-исследовательскую. Chairman elected I. I. Korolev, the Bureau entered A. V. Martynov (Secretary), S. N. Efimova-Шевалдышева, K. Z. Kalakin, A.V. Nazarene, B. A. Rodionov, Z. M. Sirvent.

Doing work in clubs, red corners, educational work among Amateur artists.

I. I. Queens wrote: "the Main idea of this small group of young artists was the implementation of the projects and achievements of the Association in a collective creative work in the strengthening and development of theatre-декоративного art, involving singles — painters decorators in Soviet from-строительство by promotion among the wider population... the artistic culture and design of everyday life, homes, villages, squares, facades, gardens, streets in the days of mass folk festivals and celebrations."

in the Spring of 1929 in the Park of culture and recreation hosted an extensive exhibition of the Association, which was attended by 39 [email protected] semicolon has been shown 381 exhibit (models of theatrical scenery, the costumes, the decoration projects for the clubs and street festivals). The exhibition was favorably received by critics. Introductory article to the catalogue was written by the people's Commissar of education A.V. Lunacharsky: "...theatrical–decorative art should not and cannot focus only on the theatrical stage. The case of decoration, that is a permanent or temporary decoration of the buildings and a separate individual dwellings, the case of a temporary festive decoration of streets and squares of cities, and accounting for an artistic effect from one or another layout of the buildings, fountains, etc., is closely connected with the same art principles and techniques, which lay in their basis of theatrical scenery and stage set designer. To this must be added that all kinds of art, any art activities in our creative and fast growing society, should be evaluated in light of expectations that exist for their future, and the extent of participation in their work, which manifests youth, and especially to appreciate the artistic achievements of the youth. And the exhibition of artists–decorators is just the most wonderful — is the ingenuity and growth of young people. Says it allthe above shows the interest and importance now organized exhibitions of the Moscow Association of artists–decorators. It appeared recently, but has already shown a wide range of activities and is on the verge of turning in your Association nationwide. The Union rightly puts in the full breadth of possible tasks his art, and rightly eschews premature closure in the scope of what-нибудь school or tabs".

however, the show as out of date, has been criticized by AHR and OMAHR, which was also formed by a decorative partition.

At the suggestion of the Central Committee of Glavokhota and CC Serbia was supposed to reorganize MAHD in the all-Russian Association of artists of theater, but the idea was not implemented. In 1930 a large group of its members went to the Association "October". The Association formally existed until 1932. In 1932, after the decision of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) "On restructuring literary-художественных organizations," joined in MOSH.

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