The society Masters of New East

1926/1927–1930, Tashkent

Members: A. N. Volkov, M. Z. Gaidukevich, V. N. Gulyaev, I. I. Ikramov, M. I. Kurzin, S. A. Malte, V. P. Markov, A. V. Nikolaev (Usto Mumin), V. L. Christmas, P. O. Grouse, . S. Turkestan.

Exhibitions: 1929 (Tashkent), 1929 (Novosibirsk).

a Society founded on the initiative of former activists of the Association "Novaya Sibir '" M. Kurzin and V. N. Gulyaev, and a number settled in Tashkent painters and graphic artists (with the exception of — M. Z. Gaidukevich, a resident of Kazakhstan). The group was close, but was formally not its members, V. I. Ufimtsev, E. L. korowai.

the members of the Society attached special importance to the improvement of professional skill, was passionate about the quest for "national identity", however, sought to embody in his work the modern revolutionary ideas.

After a series of speeches in Tashkent the exhibition "Masters of new East" was held in Novosibirsk;, it has been shown on 120 picturesque and graphic works by 5 authors (, M. I. Kurzin, V. N. Gulyaev, A. N. Volkov, M. Z. Gaidukevich, S. A. Malte).

the Society existed in parallel with the Tashkent branch of AHRR, a number of its members also participated in exhibitions AHRR (A. N. Volkov, A. V. Nikolaev). In 1930 the "Masters of new East" has teamed up with the Samarkand Association of fine art (ARIZONA), forming an Autonomous branch under the leadership M. Kurzin.

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