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Popov Alexandr Andreevich

POPOV, Alexander Andreyevich

15 (27) February 1852 (George village, Rybinsk district of Yaroslavl province) — 05 August 1919 (Odessa)


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Попов, Александр Андреевич


POPOV, Alexander Andreyevich

15 (27) February 1852 (George village, Rybinsk district of Yaroslavl province) — 05 August 1919 (Odessa)


George was Born in the village of Rybinsk district of Yaroslavl province; was the eighth child in a family of a priest. She studied at the Yaroslavl theological school, from 1868 — in the Yaroslavl theological Seminary, where he showed his talent for painting.

In 1872 he entered the Imperial Academy of arts in the Department of historical painting, where he studied under the guidance of professors В. П. Верещагина, П. П. Чистякова and П. М. Шамшина. During the period of training received all existing academic awards: in 1875 — two small silver medal for drawing and sketch from nature, 1876 — two large silver medal for drawing and sketch from nature, in 1878 — a small gold medal for the program "Abraham expels Hagar from the house with her son Ishmael". In 1879, for the painting "the Adulteress before Christ" (at present the painting is exhibited in the Latvian national Museum of art entitled "Christ and the sinner") was awarded a large gold medal, the title of class artist 1-й degree and got the right for pensioner's trip abroad for a period of four years.

in the Fall of 1880 went abroad with Л. Р. Веселовским and И. Л. Аскназием. Visited Dresden, Vienna, Munich and Paris, where in 1881 the six months he attended lectures and worked in the Studio of the famous French painter Leon Bonnat. After visiting Florence he continued to work in Rome together with И. Ф. Селезневым, С. В. Бакаловичем and Ф. А. Бронниковым. During her internship, wrote of the work: "in Front of the grave of the Martyr", "Porton", "in Front of the tomb of the parents", "Ave Maria", "terrace on the sea", "On the beach"; 5 etudes — "Girl with pigeons", "Mother with child", "Head Italian", "terrace", "the Chapel on the island of Capri". According to the results of a pensioner's trip in 1884 was awarded the gold medal for the painting "the Burial of a Christian Martyr in the catacombs of Rome."

After the trip left at the Academy of arts, in 1885 awarded the title of academician and in the same year on the recommendation of the Academy appointed as Director of the drawing school of the Odessa society of fine arts. Together with К. К. Костанди, Г. А. Ладыженским and other artists changed the system of education in the Odessa school.

In 1900 appointed Director of the Art school (1909 — Art school. Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich of the Odessa society of fine arts), created by the Academy of arts at the Odessa drawing school in connection with the successful training in her artistic shots.


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