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Bershadskiy Yuliy Rafailovich
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Ruvin, Ioil-Ruvin 1869–1956  

BERSHAD Julius (Robin) Rafailovich (Joel-Рувин)

9 (21) January 1869 (Tiraspol, Kherson province) — 26 сентября 1956 (Sverdlovsk)

Painter, graphic artist

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Бершадский, Юлий Рафаилович


BERSHAD Julius (Robin) Rafailovich (Joel-Рувин)

9 (21) January 1869 (Tiraspol, Kherson province) — 26 сентября 1956 (Sverdlovsk)

Painter, graphic artist

From a poor Jewish family. He received his General education in the cheder, a traditional school district and four-year College. Art — at the Drawing school of the Odessa society of fine arts (1886-1893) К. К. Костанди, Г. А. Ладыженского, А. А. Попова, the Higher art school of painting, sculpture and architecture under the Imperial Academy of arts (1894-1899) П. О. Ковалевского, Н. Д. Кузнецова, И. Е. Репина. In 1899 за painting "the Bazaar in the South" received the title of artist.

Lived in Odessa. He worked primarily as a genre painter, he painted portraits, landscapes; was close to the late Wanderers. Author paintings: "Widowhood" (1893), "on the farm" (1895), "Cooking cooking" (1896), "the Secret" (1897), "Evening" (1901), "a New story А. М. Горького" (1902), "the Revolutionary" (1906), Mother (1907) and others. After the October revolution, wrote a series of paintings depicting modern subjects: "the Fishermen" (1934), "the Artist" (1934), "Holiday on the farm" (1937), "Portrait of Stakhanov movement Р. С. Хайт" (1939).

From 1941 was evacuated to Sverdlovsk, after the war stayed there to live. Created a series of portraits of factory workers (1945).

From 1892 — participated in exhibitions. A member and Exhibitor: the society of South Russian artists (1892-1919, with interruptions), Saint-Петербургского society of artists (1898, 1900), TPHV (1907), the Odessa branch of the Association of revolutionary artists of Ukraine (ARMU; 1927). Participated in exhibitions: Spring exhibitions in the halls of IAH in St. Petersburg (1905, 1908), all-Ukrainian jubilee exhibition, dedicated to the 10-летию October (1927, traveling around Ukrainian cities), the jubilee exhibition of works of artists of the Ukrainian SSR in Kharkov (1938), "Ural — forge arms" (1944), Sverdlovsk artists (1945, 1947, 1949, 1953, 1954) in Sverdlovsk; peripheral works of artists of the RSFSR (1946), all-Union art exhibition (1947), works of artists of the RSFSR (1949) in Moscow; fine arts of the Ukrainian SSR in Kiev (1951) and others. His personal exhibitions were held in Odessa (1935, 1939), Sverdlovsk (1949).

he Taught at a private Studio in Odessa (1907-1928), the Odessa art Institute (1928-1935, Professor), the Odessa art College (1934-1941), Ural Polytechnic Institute (1941). Among the students: И. М. Гурвич, Я. Н. Аптер, М. С. Перуцкий, А. М. Глускин, Г. С. Бершадский, А. Б. Харьковский, Е. Б. Ладыженский, И. Л. Кац, А. С. Гавдзинский and others. The honored worker of arts of the USSR (from 1941).


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