"The names of friends as milestones. Vsevolod Petrov and Leningrad culture 1930-1970-х"
ARTinvestment.RU   21 августа 2019

At the exhibition in St. Petersburg Anna Akhmatova Museum, dedicated to the critic and researcher of the "Leningrad school" Vsevolod Petrov presented the work. Stipa, V. Lebedev, T. Glebova, A. Leporsky, A. Poret, V. Sterligov, and others.

"Vsevolod Nikolayevich Petrov was unusual in all. Perhaps he remained one of the last representatives of the old St. Petersburg intelligentsia, with whom the fate brought me. His demeanor was so unusual that he aroused don't people knowing it as a surprise" — recalled the artist Valentin Kurds.

Exhibit "Vsevolod Petrov Leningrad and the wheel of culture", established in Moscow, Galeev-Галереей in 2018, — a tribute of gratitude to the historian of art criticism, author of poetry and prose, whose name is now, paradoxically, was forgotten. As a person, largely thanks to which the artists of the "Leningrad school" entered the history of Russian art as a phenomenon? Paintings and drawings, autographs, letters, diaries, photos, and memorie showed the main character of the exhibition in the environment and in the "reflection" of artists, poets, philosophers, writers with whom he was friends, whom you admire, about whom he wrote as a historian of art. Their names have now become the personification of St. Petersburg and Leningrad culture.

the Anna Akhmatova Museum complemented the exhibition materials from the Moscow Galeev-Галереи works of art from St. Petersburg private collections, as well as unique autographs, documents, graphics, books, photographs from its collection. Such voices are rare, are often shown first exhibits gives a story nuances, shades and intonations. All that creates the feeling of a live dialogue with the era.

the Exhibition is based on the principle of "circles" — family, friendly and professional, important for Vsevolod Petrov in different years. The circle of the poet Mikhail Kuzmin, whom Petrov visited almost daily from 1933 to 1936, presented graphics of Kuzmin, Yury Yurkun and Olga Hildebrandt, portraits of the poet and rare archival materials. Circle of Daniil Kharms — manuscripts, photographs, unique poster of the pageant oberiutov "Three hours left" in 1928, a pipe that belonged to the poet. "I had the fortune to be the last other harms. Our friendship was meted out a short time. It ended violently, barely reaching to the highest point", — wrote Vsevolod Nikolaevich in the essay "memories of Harmse".

One of the Central places in the exhibition is reserved to the Russian Museum and the Fountain House. Vsevolod Nikolaevich was an employee of the Russian Museum since 1932 and there he met with the art historian Nikolai peninim: "This young man — my student", — so in the mid-1930-х he introduced the artist Vsevolod Petrov Nikolai Stipa. Puning introduced the young man to his house, got acquainted with Anna Akhmatova and Lev Gumilyov.

the Circle of artists with whom Petrov was friends, about which he wrote, presents a brilliant work of Nicholas Stipa, Vladimir Lebedev, Tatyana Glebova, Anna Leporsky, Alisa Poret, Vladimir Sterligov, Hertha Semenovoi, Alexey Uspensky, Valentina Cordova and many other "his artists" — rare, unexpected and half-forgotten works.

the Museum is grateful for assistance in the preparation of the exhibition Galeev-Галерею and Ildar Galeev, "КGallery" and Vladimir Berezovsky, Leonid and Anna Franz, Nicholas Kononikhina, Natalia Kornilov andAndrew Harchaka.

Source: museum.ru

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