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Demina Klavdiya Petrovna

DEMINA Klavdiya Petrovna

18/19 (30) April 1900 (Kharkov) — on 12 December 1976 (Leningrad)

the Sculptor

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Дёмина, Клавдия Петровна


DEMINA Klavdiya Petrovna

18/19 (30) April 1900 (Kharkov) — on 12 December 1976 (Leningrad)

the Sculptor

he Studied at the Kharkov art College (1917). Worked in a factory "Art industry" in Kharkiv (1920-1922). In 1922 he moved to Petrograd, he continued his education in Vhuteine (1922-1926) А. Т. Матвеева. In 1926 he completed graduate work — the figure of the "Builder".

Lived in Leningrad during the great Patriotic war he was in evacuation in Omsk. He worked in easel and decorative-монументальной sculpture. The author of easel works of art (marble, plaster, bronze and cement): the "Head" (1929), "Portrait М. Ф. Фрунзе" (1930), "Civil war Hero" (1931), "Woman-слесарь" (1934), "Woman with a sheaf" (1935), "Pilot (Pilot)" (1936), "the Parachutist" (1937), "Young worker" (1945), "portrait of a Stakhanovite" (1950), "Builder-стахановка of Langaza З. Кукуева" (1951), "The yieldAI" (1952), "Football" (1959). Worked in small sculptures (terracotta, majolica, faience, porcelain): "the Statue (a Female figure)" (1926), "Seated woman" (1926), "Paving streets", "Breaks stones", "Woman with arm", "bathing the child" (all — 1927-1930), "sheep Shearing" (1942 — terracotta, 1969 — faience), "Girl with a sheaf" (1942), "Fizkulturnaya" (1950), "Portrait А. Н. Якобсона" (1952), "the Apprentice" (1954), "Woman with a veil" (1955), "Friendship" (1956), "Harvest" (1959 series), "bather" (1961), "Girl with a book" (1964), "picking apples" (1968), "On the shore" (1970).

Participated in the reconstruction of Leningrad and its suburbs after world war II.

In 1957 получила diploma 1-й degree of the Ministry of culture of the RSFSR for work, "lime", "Gal", "Mirdza" (all — 1956).

From 1926 — participant of exhibitions. A member and Exhibitor companies: "4 искусства" (1926), "Circle of artists" (1927-1932; exhibition — 1929, Leningrad, London), Union of artists of the USSR. Participated in exhibitions: "Artists of the RSFSR for XV years" (1932), "Woman in socialist construction" (1934), 1-й exhibition of Leningrad artists (1935), works by Leningrad artists (1938, 1947, 1948, 1952, 1953, 1956, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1963, 1964), works by artists-женщин Leningrad (1960), "Leningrad" (1964) in Leningrad; of painting, sculpture and graphics by artists of Omsk region, on the 25-й anniversary of the great October socialist revolution in Omsk (1942); all-Union art exhibitions (1945 — "Heroic front and rear", 1946) in Moscow. Held a personal exhibition in Leningrad (1974).


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