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July 24, 1757 (Mirgorod Poltava province) - April 6, 1825 (St. Petersburg)

painter, graphic artist, miniaturist.

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Боровиковский, Владимир Лукич



July 24, 1757 (Mirgorod Poltava province) - April 6, 1825 (St. Petersburg)

painter, graphic artist, miniaturist.

born in the family of the painter and icon painter, LI Borovikovsky (Borovik), the representative of the Cossack chiefs, received a knighthood. Painting studied under the guidance of his father. In 1774 the number of "excess kit" in Mirgorodske shelf. In early 1780 he retired with the rank of lieutenant. In 1786-1787 played two paintings to decorate a travel palace of Catherine II, in which the Empress stayed during his trip to the south of Russia. Works attracted attention. In December 1788 Borovikovsky moved to Petersburg, where he honed his skills under the guidance of Johann-Baptist Lampi the Elder, as well as the advice of Dmitry Levitsky.

In St. Petersburg, quickly found a patron in the person of Chancellor Prince Bezborodko and diplomat PV Bakunin's circle of friends with the writer, connoisseur of art and architect. NA Lvov. On the recommendation of Lviv performed image for Borisoglebskii Cathedral in Torzhok (1790-1792) and Iosifovskogo church in Mogilev (1793-1794). In 1794 a portrait of Catherine II declared "designated" in academics. A year later, a portrait of Grand Duke Constantine Pavlovich, was awarded the title of academician. Since 1802 - Adviser to the IAH. In the same year joined a Masonic lodge "Dying Sphinx».

In 1804-1811 worked on the images for the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg in 1814-1815 - for the Protection Church village Romanovka in Chernigov Province. In 1819-1824 was a member of the mystical sect of the Union of brotherhood, led by EF Tatarinov. Had a private art school. Among students Borovikovsky - AG Venetsianov, IV Bugaevskaya-grateful.

retrospective exhibition of works by past masters in 1982 in the halls of the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Borovikovsky closes the galaxy's largest portraitists XVIIII century, the heyday of which goes to the end of XVIII - early XIX century. Not being a service associated with the Academy, the artist engaged in numerous private orders. The terms of the master patterns varied: a friendly environment, and representatives of the nobility, connected by a sister, secular, official bonds, finally, the royal courts - big and small. He portrayed the whole family - Tolstoy, Arseniev, Gagarin, Bezborodko, Kurakins.

for creativity Borovikovsky characterized by the search for new imaginative solutions. Predominant place in his artistic heritage of the chamber cover image "in nature". In individual style combined the features of classicism and the mood of sentimentality inherent in the era of the turn of centuries. A special expression he achieved in portraits of women, imbued with poetry, noble dreaminess and mild sensuality. Heroines Borovikovsky invariably graceful, elegant, balanced and calm. In the master's works reflected the aspirations of hedonistic era 1790's: the image at times clearly demonstrate fashionable fabrics and jewelry. The images of greater certainty than that of his contemporaries - Levitsky and Rokotov. Borovikovsky strove for accuracy, detail image of the model, was attentive to the transfer of individual parts.

Distinctive features of the creative manner are saturated with the dominant colors in her transparent, cool colors, softness, vagueness, fluidity of brushwork, subtle light and shadow modeling, animating a smooth, "china" the surface of portraits.

Borovikovsky works are in major museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum and the Kiev Museum of Russian Art and others.

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