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Gabashvili Georgy Ivanovich
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Gabaev, Gigo, Grigory 1862–1936  

GABASHVILI (gabaev) George (gigo, Gregory) I.

9 (22) November 1862 (Tiflis) — October 28, 1936 (Tsikhisdziri)

Painter, graphic artist

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Габашвили, Георгий Иванович


GABASHVILI (gabaev) George (gigo, Gregory) I.

9 (22) November 1862 (Tiflis) — October 28, 1936 (Tsikhisdziri)

Painter, graphic artist

he Graduated from the Tiflis school. Studied at the Studio of К. И. Кеппена in Tiflis (1880-1883). In 1883 he came to St. Petersburg for admission to the Imperial Academy of arts, but was not credited. Worked in the Studio Ф. А. Рубо (1884-1885) in St. Petersburg; in 1884 was accompanied by Rubo on your trip to Kars. In 1886 was enrolled in the Imperial Academy of arts as a noncredit student; was engaged in the battle-class in Б. П. Виллевальде (1886-1888). In 1888 he received great consolation silver medal.

In 1894 he made a trip to Central Asia, visited Samarkand, Bukhara. In 1894 at the invitation of Roubaud and the scholarship Society for dissemination of literacy among Georgians left to continue his education in Munich: studied at the Munich Academy of fine arts (1894-1897) А. Вагнера. In the summer of 1895 he visited Paris.

he Lived in Tiflis. In the summer of 1902 he made a trip to Europe: visited Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, England, Holland, Switzerland, Austria.

he Painted landscapes, portraits, genre paintings of content. Author paintings: "Portrait of mother" (1883), "self-Portrait" (1883), "Sveti Tskhoveli" (1884), "Rider-курд" (1887), "the Butcher" (1889), "After the rain" (1891), "Mullah" (1892), "Three citizen" (1893), "Georgian woman with a tambourine" (1893), "the Bazaar in Samarkand" (1895), "Pool Sofa-Бега in Bukhara" (1895), "Dabakhane" (1896), "the Bandmaster de rose" (1902), "portrait of a singer Ф. Коридзе as Prince of the Hood" (1902-1905), "Portrait И. Чавчавадзе" (1907-1908), "Portrait А. Церетели" (1913). Created a series of paintings: "the bazaars of Samarkand" (1894-1897), "Khevsurian cycle" (1898-1899).

From 1888 — participant of the exhibition (art exhibition of the Caucasian society for encouragement of fine arts in Tiflis). Member of-учредитель and Exhibitor Georgian artistic society (1916-1921), the society of Georgian artists (1922-1930). Participated in the Anniversary exhibition of art of the peoples of the USSR in Moscow (1927). His personal exhibitions were held in Tbilisi, Georgia (1891, 1898-1899, 1901, 1910, 1913, 1927, 1934).


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