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Abegyan Mger Manukovich
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Meger 1909–1994  

ABAGYAN Mher (Shrew) Manukovich

13 (26) January 1909 (Vagharshapat Erivan gubernia) — 20 November 1994 (Yerevan)

Painter, graphic artist

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Абегян, Мгер Манукович


ABAGYAN Mher (Shrew) Manukovich

13 (26) January 1909 (Vagharshapat Erivan gubernia) — 20 November 1994 (Yerevan)

Painter, graphic artist

the Son of a philologist, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Armenian SSR H. M. abegian. He studied at the Yerevan art and-промышленном College (1922-1927) С. М. Агаджаняна and С. А. Аракеляна; in Vhuteine in Moscow (1927-1930) С. В. Герасимова, А. Д. Древина, Н. А. Удальцовой; the Institute of proletarian fine art in Leningrad (1930-1931) А. А. Осмеркина. In 1931 the diploma work — "Execution of Communists" (sketch).

he Lived in Yerevan. Have been influenced by creativity М. С. Сарьяна. Made creative trips to Romania (1958), Bulgaria, Italy (1965), Switzerland (1969), England (1973), France (1976). The author, thematic and genre paintings, portraits, landscapes, still lifes: "a Wounded Commissioner" (1932), "harvest", "self-Portrait" (both — 1933), "Spring etude", "Landscape with donkey" (both — 1934), "In the gardens of Armenia" (1945), "Autumn still life" (1946), "the Son returns" (1947), "On the island of Sevan" (1956), "Summer" (1959)"Picking peaches" (1960), "Armenian still life" (1962), "still life on a white tablecloth" (1969), "Armenia" (1971).

Many worked in the techniques of etching, linocut. Completed linocuts: "the Murder of a rural correspondent" (1932), "picking fruits" (1933), "Apricot garden" (1934), "bathers" (1936), "from Ararat Mink" (1937), "In the mountains Bjni" (1959), "On the Bank of Sevan" (1959), "Mountains of Armenia" (1964), "Ararat" (1976); series "War and peace" (1970-1971); etchings: "the Lake Tokmajan", "Autumn landscape" (both — 1938), "Under the apricot tree," "harvesting in the collective farm gardens" (both — 1940), "the Nazis entered the village, the Way to fascism" (both — 1942), "Early spring on Conde" (1944) and others. Created a series of illustrations (pencil, linocut, etching) to Armenian folk epic "David of Sasun" (1939), the legend "Itamar" О. Тумяняна (1954). Performed graphic series (pencil, linocut) "City-герой" (1940-е).

From 1932 — participant of exhibitions ("Gallery of shock" in Yerevan). Member of the Union of artists of Armenian SSR (1932), in 1967-1968 — Chairman of the Board. He showed his works at exhibitions: "Artists and architects of Armenia 13 лет" (1933), the works of artists dedicated to the 16th-летию Soviet Armenia (1936), art exhibition dedicated to the Soviet Constitution (1937), "Artists of Armenia — the great Patriotic war" (1941), "the Heroics of the red Army" (1942), Republican art exhibitions (1945, 1948 — on the 30th-летию the Soviet Army, 1949, 1952, 1950 — on the 30th-летию Soviet Armenia, 1953, 1954, 1955 @mobile mdas, 1956, 1958 — on the 40-летию the Soviet Army) in Yerevan; the all-Union exhibition of young artists dedicated to the 20-летию the Komsomol (1939), works of painters of the Union republics, Autonomous republics and oblasts of the RSFSR (1944), all-Union art exhibitions (1946, 1947, 1949, 1955), "30 лет of the Soviet armed forces" (1948), the works of artists of the Georgian, Azerbaijani and Armenian SSR (1954), painting, sculpture, graphics to 1-му all-Union Congress of Soviet artists (1957) in Moscow; "Great Patriotic war" in Tbilisi (1942), and others. The Exhibitor of a number of exhibitions of Soviet art abroad: in London (1938), Berlin, Dresden, Budapest (1949), Delhi, Calcutta, Bombay, (1952), Beijing (1958), Bucharest (1961), Montevideo (1962), new-Йорке (1963). His personal exhibitions were held in Yerevan (1943, 1945, 1957, 1959, 1966, 1970, 1979, 1989), Moscow (1959-1960, 1971), Tallinn (1961, 1968), Tbilisi (1962), Dilijan (1966), Kiev (1969), Vilnius (1973), Paris (1976).

he Taught at Yerevan art College named. Ф. Терлемезяна (1937-1944), the Yerevan art and-театральном Institute (1954-1959), Professor (1958).


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