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Rachette Jacques-Dominique
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Roshet, Yakov Ivanovich 1744–1809  

RASHETT (Roshet) Jacques-Dominique (James I.) (Rachette Jacques-Dominique)

December 14, 1744 (Montpellier, France) - June 10, 1809 (St. Petersburg)

sculptor, painter of decorative and applied arts, graphic artist.

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Рашетт, Жак-Доминик


RASHETT (Roshet) Jacques-Dominique (James I.) (Rachette Jacques-Dominique)

December 14, 1744 (Montpellier, France) - June 10, 1809 (St. Petersburg)

sculptor, painter of decorative and applied arts, graphic artist.

born in the family of French sculptor D. Rashetta. He studied at the Royal Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Copenhagen, Professor ZH.-F.-ZH. Sally. In 1763, for the relief of "Crossing the Red Sea" was awarded a gold medal in 1764 for the relief of the Queen of Sheba visiting Solomon was awarded a large gold medal.

In 1765-1766 he lived in Paris. Some time was engaged at the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Paris, where the advice J.-M. Vienne. In 1765 he was arrested and placed in the Bastille for promoting Russia's Minister of the Government to Count SR Vorontsov smanivanii French masters of the Russian service.

the second half of 1760-s he returned to Denmark. Repeatedly attempting to become a member of the Copenhagen Academy, in particular, in 1770, presented a statue of Jupiter, but was not elected. A year later, a statue of Jupiter, god of thunder "was nevertheless recognized as" designated "in academics.

Since 1770 he lived in Germany. In 1773-1777 worked on the sculptural decoration of the castle in Vandsbeke near Hamburg.

In 1779 he was invited by Prince A. Vyazemsky in St. Petersburg for the post modelmeystera Imperial Porcelain Factory. Accepting the invitation Rashett arrived in Russia and successfully worked at the plant for twenty-five years (until 1804). In 1779 performed two allegorical bas-relief on historical themes and eight medallions in the hall of the general meeting of the Senate in St. Petersburg (not preserved). In 1784 it created the model for "Arabesque" service, consisting of 937 subjects, the theme of the sculptural decoration of which was the conquest of Catherine II the Black Sea. In the same year was elected an honorary member of the Royal Academy of Arts in Berlin. In 1785 he was awarded the title of Academician IAH.

in 1785-1787 fulfilled the sculptural decoration of the exterior of the building Kholodnykh baths, built in the village on the draft Charles Cameron, an agate and an interior room in it. In 1789, commissioned Bezborodko carved statue of Catherine II in the form of Sibyl in Tsarskoe Selo. In late 1780 - early 1790's worked on a series of porcelain figurines of St. Petersburg craftsmen and traders, as well as on the cycle of figurines ethnographic nature of the "Peoples of Russia", which served as the basis for the book IG Georgi "Description of in Rossiyskom peoples inhabiting the State ».

in 1794 was elected associate professor in 1800 awarded the title of professor of sculpture. Participated in the design of the Grand Cascade of fountains in Peterhof, for which the statue of "Juno", "Jupiter", "Galatea", and two groups of sculptures "Naiad with tritons».

At the invitation of A. Voronikhin created the bas-reliefs for the Kazan Cathedral. "Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem" and "The capture of the soldiers of Jesus Christ in the vineyard. He worked in the field of sculptural portraits.

In 1999 the State Russian Museum held a retrospective exhibition of works by masters.

Rashett - a prominent sculptor and master of decorative art in the second half of XVIII - early XIX century, the representative of mature classicism with his characteristic focus on the aesthetics of the ancient idealization of images of nature and man, the ideas of civic duty and heroism. The works of sculptor inherent in a strict equilibrium volume, the clarity of forms, plastic clarity and harmony. An important feature is the transference of creativity Rashetta classic principles in small plastic, making it the porcelain figurines on the depth of vision and inner significance is not inferior to monumental sculpture. Time Wizard to the IPE is rightly called "rashettovskim period».

Rashetta works are in major museum collections, including the State Russian Museum, the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, the State Museum of Ceramics and Kuskovo XVIII century, the Metropolitan Museum in New York and other.

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