Artists won the case against Sergei Bugaev - Africa
ARTinvestment.RU   07 ноября 2013

Artists Oleg Zaika, Evgeny Kozlov Oleg Maslov and Inal Savchenko proved to the court that Sergei Bugaev appropriated their work. Court of the City of St. Petersburg ordered the plaintiffs to return Africa 20 works

Artists Bunny , Yevgeny Kozlov Oleg Maslov and Inal Savchenko won a court case against the artist Sergei Bugaev ( Africa ) . In the summer of 2013 they accused him of misappropriating 25 works of authorship once saw them on a temporary exhibition " ACCA : the latest generation of the Leningrad avant-garde" , held at the Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. The works that have caused such a trial in the 1980s took part in the exhibitions of the "New Artists" . However, after the exhibitions held in the USSR and abroad, many of the works have not been returned to the authors and to the exhibition " ACCA " were considered lost .

Dzerzhinsky District Court in St. Petersburg allowed the claim a group of artists to the " Africa" ​​for all jobs except four . In the course of the proceedings it became clear that the pictures painted Inal Savchenkova , are owned by Vladislav Gutsevich , who played in the third person .

remaining 21 artwork by 18 carriers ( some works are bilateral ) should be transferred Bugaev reviewers. The court refused to Africa during the counterclaim to the artists , in which he attempted to prove their ownership of the painting .

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