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РАБИН Оскар Яковлевич (1928) Поезд. До 1965 (предположительно, 1959)
РАБИН Оскар Яковлевич (1928) Поезд. До 1965 (предположительно, 1959)
Начальная ставка: 100 RUB
Текущая ставка: 425 000 RUB
Окончание торгов: 04 Дек. 2015 12:00:00
ЛАРИОНОВ Михаил Фёдорович (1881–1964) Женский портрет. 1940-е
ЛАРИОНОВ Михаил Фёдорович (1881–1964) Женский портрет. 1940-е
Начальная ставка: 100 RUB
Текущая ставка: 32 500 RUB
Окончание торгов: 04 Дек. 2015 12:00:00
КОРОВИН Константин Алексеевич (1861–1939) и мастерская. Стрельцы. Эскиз костюмов к опере М. П. Мусоргского «Хованщина». 1911
КОРОВИН Константин Алексеевич (1861–1939) и мастерская. Стрельцы. Эскиз костюмов к опере М. П. Мусоргского «Хованщина». 1911
Начальная ставка: 100 RUB
Текущая ставка: -
Окончание торгов: 04 Дек. 2015 12:00:00

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Auction house "literary Fund" has collected 800 thousand rubles to help sick children

Charity auction, organized by the "literary Fund" in favor of the Fund "life Line", was held on 24 November. The results have far exceeded expectations of the organizers

Book auction house "KABINET" on November 18. Summary

Old and rare books brought to organizers more than 11 million rubles. Reluctance to leave the house in a dank, gray weather, participants compensated for the increased telephone activity

"Literary Fund" on November 12. Summary

Books from the private collection of L. D. Gladysh was one of the most powerful second-hand auction catalogs recently. The participants presented a number of rare and rarest Museum quality publications

"Russian enamel" on October 31. Summary

For the first specialized auction of antique paper sold old postcards, posters, lithographs, printed graphics, documents, autographs, etc. Despite the apparent narrowness of the topic, the result was above the market average this season

The mountain gave birth to mouse? To the question of "decoding" the "Black square"

Why do I need to change the attitude towards cultural achievements of their own country

"Russian enamel" on October 24. Summary

With proper distribution of accents in the directory fight for the lots may continue until the end of the auction

Artist Sergey Kalmykov for the first time in the Auction AI

Biography of Sergey Kalmykov @ & mdash; this is a story with mystic twists: "bathing of a red horse", a talent, almost buried in the province, the foolishness, the end in the asylum, oblivion and unexpected new discovery

"Russian art of XX century" on October 22 at Sovkome. Summary

On Sokolowski trading already managed to miss. As it turned out, not waited in vain. Some-что in the procedure has changed, but it was, as usual, interesting and effective

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BRAFA 2016 to speak in the language of flowers!

Brussels art fair BRAFA 2016 will be held January 23-31

Cancelled the cross year of culture of Russia and Turkey

This was announced by the Minister of culture. To hold it planned in 2017 and 2018

Swedish auction house buys the fakes back

Auction house Bukowskis ("Bukowskis") decided to buy back 6 paintings, recognized fake. One of them at a cost to the auction house in the 5 million Swedish kronor

The last verses of Vysotsky bought for 200 thousand euros at auction in Paris

25 November at Drouot auction site exhibited were owned by Marina Vlady items related to Vladimir Vysotsky. The death mask of the poet bought for 55 thousand euros

"Hand-job" — exhibition-ярмарка of old and new objects created manually

November 28, offers furniture and furnishings, carpets, clothing, jewelry, toys, Souvenirs, Handicrafts, ethnics, etc.

The Rijksmuseum offers visitors to draw, instead of doing a selfie

State Museum (Rijksmuseum) in the city of Amsterdam wants to distract its visitors from gadgets, giving them free paper and pencils for sketches

Archaeologists in Bulgaria have found could be the oldest jewelry in the world

Gold pendant found in the settlement Solmizate near the city of Varna, around 6 300 years

The end of the freemen of the Swiss reportov: owners of the cells in storage will be obliged to indicate their contents

Moreover, managers reporthow will register the names of owners of items located in the cell, and the names of the buyers for those items that leave the store

At the National gallery in London want to sue a portrait of Matisse

And it is not about restitution in favor of the heirs of Holocaust victims

Sotheby's offered its employees to quit voluntarily

Thus, the auction house decided to cut costs. If you want to voluntarily leave their positions with generous otstupny would not have to resort to planned staff reductions

Paintings by Rubens and Tintoretto stolen in Verona

Only Museum in the fortress of Castelvecchio, in Verona, was stolen 17 works worth about 15 million euros

Two watercolors by Egon Schiele have been detained at the fair the Armory Show in the USA

For works by Schiele claimed by the heirs of the deceased in a concentration camp owner. The watercolour was exhibited at the London art pavilion-дилера Richard Nagy

Exhibitions of works of artARTinvestment.RU RSS – Exhibitions of works of art

For a hundred years the first personal exhibition of Sergey Sudeykin was opened in St. Petersburg

Until 14 December at KGallery (quay of the river of Fontanka, 24) last exhibition of works by one of the artists of the Silver age, Sergei Sudeikin (1882-1946)

"birds and Tsyfry". To 130-летию since the birth of Velimir Khlebnikov

In MMSI on Gogol Boulevard on November 24 opened the exhibition of lifetime editions of Velimir Khlebnikov, as well as specially created for the project, graphic works, videos, installations, sculptures and installations inspired by his work

"Antique Show in Sokolniki" — new antique-художественная fair in a democratic format

26-29 November in the oldest Moscow Park Sokolniki offers large galleries, design studios and private collectors, coin collectors, booksellers, collectors of dolls and retro-автомобилей — just more than 100 exhibitors

The exhibition Yuri Zlotnikov in the Gallery of arts Zurab Tsereteli

Opened an exhibition of Yuri Zlotnikov "Painting — analysis of the psychophysiology of the person and display his existential space". Presents more than 150 paintings and drawings 1950-х — 2015

The painters of lacquer miniatures in book illustration

The exhibition at the Museum of decorative-прикладного art introduces the works of painters of lacquer miniatures Fedoskino, Palekh, Kholuy and Mstera in the field of book illustration

"Materials and techniques of printmaking. Xylography" in the state Tretyakov gallery

Exhibition dedicated to the art of engraving on wood — woodcuts, is in the Tretyakov gallery within the project "the Tretyakov gallery opens its store"

Vladimir Yankilevsky in the Gallery Dina Verni (Paris). Exhibition "Space of experiences"

The exhibition "Space of experiences" will include the work new-йоркского period sixties Vladimir Yankilevsky, as well as ceramics from the series "Psychoanalysis of Aphrodite"

"Romantic realism. Soviet painting 1925-1945," in the Arena

In the Central Arena, an exhibition of works by Isaak Brodsky, Alexander Laktionova, Kuzma Petrov-Водкина, Alexander Labasa, Alexander Deineka and other major artists of the first half of the twentieth century

"Russia. Realism. XXI century" in the Russian Museum

In state Russian Museum opened the exhibition, which is the way of the development of the realistic tradition in the works of contemporary Russian artists working on the verge of academic art, photorealism and other variations of this trend

To the Hermitage have brought "self-Portrait with monkey" Frida Kahlo

His famous self-portrait, courtesy of the Museum Dolores Olmedo (Xochimilco, Mexico), would remain at the Hermitage till January 10, 2016

Exhibition of Victor Kazarina in Moscow

Tomorrow in the gallery "industrial graphics" opens exhibition of works by artist Victor Kazarina. The display will be the work of the new graphic series of the summer and fall of 2015

"Pavel Fedotov. 1815-1852" in the Russian Museum

In the Russian Museum opened an exhibition devoted to the 200-летию since the birth of Pavel Andreevich Fedotov. Presented about 40 picturesque and more than 100 graphic works

Auctions of artARTinvestment.RU RSS – Auctions of art

The prices on "Russian bid" Christie's. AI predictions came true

30 November at the auction of Russian art at Christie's in London raised about $8 million Top-лотами were the works by Abram Arkhipov, Alexander Bogomazov, Dmitry Plavinsky

Open 106-е auction AI Auction

Traditional twenty lots — nine paintings, eight sheets of original graphics and one sheet of drawing graphics, as well as two folders of linocuts

From Peter the Great Anna Akhmatova: the auction house "Litfond"

December 12 auction house "literary Fund" will hold the auction of rare books, manuscripts, autographs, graphics and posters. On sale will feature lots 338 XVIII–XX centuries a total cost of about 25 million rubles

Painting, drawing and DPI on the auction house "In Nikitsky" December 10

The catalog contains nearly 400 lots

Prices on the Auction AI № 105. Amosov-Бунак — 325 000, Dulcina — 130 000

Sold 9 of the 20 lots in the catalogue, mostly — graphics, original and draw

The auction house "Antiquarium" moved

Auction # 17 postponed from Saturday, November 28, on Thursday, December 3

Winter auction house Shapiro on December 12 in new-Йорке

In the directory @ & mdash; Marc Chagall, Philip Malyavin, Lado Gudiashvili, Alexander Archipenko, a collection of antique icons, as well as rare books and works of famous American, European and Asian artists of the XIX–XX centuries

Auction № 17 "Rare and valuable books, autographs, manuscripts, photographs" in the house "Antiquarium"

Note-rare books, first collections of poets, autographs of Russian writers, politicians and cultural figures — just over 250 lots of trading on November 28

Open 105-е auction AI Auction

Traditional twenty lots — nine paintings, four sheets of original graphics and three sheets of draw graphics, two small Cabinet unique sculptures and two works made in mixed media

The gift of the "literary Fund" in Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

Auction house "literary Fund" in accordance with its Charity auction and three times second wife of M. A. Bulgakov L. Belozerskaya-Булгаковой and gives them to the Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov

"Rare books, manuscripts and autographs": auction # 1 in the new house "Rare book club"

Put up for auction more than 350 lots, including rare books on Russian history, travel to Russia, military science and art, first publications of Russian poets and writers, autographs, picture books, and curiosities

"Russian enamel" November 28: monthly auction of Russian and Western European art

Traditionally, presents paintings, drawings, icons, decorative-прикладного art — all nearly 400 lots. Pre-exhibition opened today

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