The artist of Russian avant-garde Vladimir Muller in Gostiny Dvor
ARTinvestment.RU   06 ноября 2019

In Moscow the personal exhibition of the artist of avant-garde theatre, who passed away 41 years ago

Vladimir Muller (1887-1978) was born to a Russified German family in Kherson. In 1916 he graduated from the ceramic Department of the Central school of technical drawing of Baron Stieglitz in St. Petersburg, received the title of artist of applied art. From 1918 to 1934 he worked as an artist in various theaters of Odessa, was the main artist of the theater Mastram in 1921-1924. Worked at film studios, including the famous HFSA, where he issued about twenty movies. In 1920 he became the Director of the theatre-декорационного Department of painting Department of the Odessa art Institute. He was familiar with Alexandra Exter and other artists with whom he participated in many exhibitions (catalogues, some can be seen in the exhibition). After moving to Moscow in 1934 at the invitation of the Moscow art Theater-2 became head of artistic-постановочной part of the theater, where he met Vladimir Tatlin.

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18 November 2019 at the Moscow Gostiny Dvor will open the exhibition "Vladimir müller (1887-1978) – artist of the Russian theatrical avant-garde." Curators - Borovkov A. I., Ignatova N. B. PHOTO 1 Vladimir Muller. "Otello." The back of the stage for 2-му action of the tragedy. 1929-Paper, pencil, gouache, watercolour, gold paint, 62,5х78 PHOTO 2 Photograph of Muller V. N. the scene layout for the "Holiday of blood" (gadfly). Photo By K. Borovikova. 1929 PHOTO 3 Vladimir Muller. "The Duma of the black sea". Set design by 5-ти action. "Galera". 1929-1930. the Paper, pencil, gouache, watercolour, gold paint, 41,5х63,5 #russiafinland #Muller #Borovkov #gomtinagar

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until his death in 1978 Vladimir Muller taught at GITIS. His only lifetime personal exhibition was held in Moscow, in the halls of the all-Russian theatrical society in 1968. All his work he kept in his house and they were familiar with only his close friends, among whom was I. Grislawski, J. Siskind, Obraztsov, V. Tatlin, who visited his apartment. A large part of the collection of the painter to keep his latest wife Larisa Polikarpov. Some works of Vladimir Muller kept in the museums of Ukraine and private collections in Germany, Canada, USA. The main part of the heritage is in the collections of Peter Aven (porcelain and ceramics), AVC Charity Foundation, Oleg Kruglov (Canada) and the gallery "Russian avant-garde 10-30 years".

in Addition to the work of Vladimir Muller, the exhibition will show posters and photos of performances with his participation. The exhibition also will be recreated a corner of his apartment interior, preserved unchanged, as it was during the life of the owner.

the Exhibition is organized by the gallery "Russian avant-garde 10-30 ies" with the participation of the Charitable Foundation AVC Charity and a Regional public Foundation of art projects support.

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