Nikolai Ryabushinsky. "The Golden fleece"
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May 22 in the new space of the gallery "vellum" opens the exhibition dedicated to the 110-летию complete issue of the magazine "Golden fleece" (1906-1909)

the Gallery "vellum"
23 may — on 1 August 2019
Moscow, Ilyinka street, 4, Gostiny Dvor, section 88-89
entrance from Crystal lane
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the Magazine "Golden fleece" became a legend of Russian artistic life in the early twentieth century, as well as the publisher of — Nikolai Ryabushinsky. The exhibition will feature rarely exhibited paintings of Nikolai Ryabushinsky, the work of artists who collaborated with the "Golden fleece", — Pavel Kuznetsov, Konstantin Somov, Nikolay Krymov, Peter Utkin from the collection of the head of the gallery "vellum" Lubov Agafonova, from the collection of Valery Dudakov and private collections in Moscow; archival documents and photos telling about the journal and the fate of his publisher — of a person of extraordinary, talented artist, philanthropist, left a bright trace in the Russian culture.

Nikolai Pavlovich Ryabushinsky (1877-1951), the son of a Moscow merchant-миллионера, was to continue the work of the famous merchant clan. But the passion for art was stronger, and, after receiving his share of the inheritance, Nikolai Ryabushinsky, painting, support artists, wrote books under the pseudonym N. Shinsky, and wrote poetry and articles, traveled and collected art collection. The closest of his relatives was sister — efimia Pavlovna Nosova (which became the model for the famous portrait by Valentin Serov), who shared his artistic interests.

"Sweeping" the personality of Nikolai Ryabushinsky, his lifestyle caused enough skepticism and merchant community, and intellectually-художественных circles; "all Moscow" were discussing how "nikolasha" as squander and splash out in a luxurious Villa "Black Swan" in Petrovsky Park. This Villa, decorated with Pavel Kuznetsov, housed an art collection Ryabushinsky, in which were paintings of Cranach, Bruegel, Poussin; the main part of his collection was the works of artists "Blue roses". Unfortunately, a significant part of the collection died in 1915 in a fire.

In the late XIX — the early twentieth century, several European art magazines also publish their articles, without exaggeration, shaped the artistic ideals of the era (as the Munich magazine "Jugend" even gave a name to the style, which has found global recognition, — "Jugendstil"). In Russia, this role was played by the magazine "World of art", organised by Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev and played in 1898-1904 years. Of course, the cultural breakthrough Diaghilev and the "World of art", their activities in Russia and abroad has not left indifferent Nikolay Ryabushinsky, who saw their future only in the sphere of art. Despite the distrust and even resistance to art-сообщества that time, he had the strength, talent, and energy to become an editor-издателем monthly art magazine "Golden fleece" and organizer of the art exhibitions of "Blue rose".

In 1906, Ryabushinsky was close to the group of Moscow artists headed by PaulKuznetsov, so he created the magazine "Golden fleece" not only sought to occupy the vacant place of the "main magazine on art" — regular organ became the center of bringing together artists who were sympathetic to the aesthetic principles of symbolism. Financial support Ryabushinsky allowed to publish the magazine with beautiful printing and to engage the best writers: Alexander Blok, Ivan Bunin, Valery Bryusov, Leonid Andreyev, Konstantin Balmont, Andrei Bely, Maximilian Voloshin, Zinaida Gippius, Dmitry Merezhkovsky, Fyodor Sologub. The magazine worked, Lev Bakst, Alexander Benois, Yevgeny Lanceray, Konstantin Somov.

Own funds Ryabushinsky provided exhibitions of "Blue rose" and allowed the talents of "goluborozovtsev"-символистов in the visual arts. And in 1908-1909 under the name "Golden fleece" held three exhibitions, acquainted the Russian public with the latest works of French authors and works of Russian artists, who later became the brightest figures of the Russian avant-garde. Nikolay Ryabushinsky was not afraid to present his paintings in which he sought the eternal archetypal stories — with an unusual color palette, loved the poetry of the symbolists, — to the public and the critics. Artist Sergey Vinogradov wrote about the work Ryabushinsky: "His stuff is unexpected and fantastic, and a huge imagination. That's really nothing banal, ordinary, boring they were not".

the Magazine "Golden fleece" acquainted readers with the most advanced currents in art of the time and, simultaneously, engaged in the popularization of the national art heritage. In addition, when the journal was organized by the publishing house, which published books like-minded authors, including the stories of Alexei Remizov, poems by Fyodor Sologub and Alexander Blok.

issue of the journal was discontinued in 1909; in the farewell address of the editor the readers said: " we clearly feel that the tide, which we defended as in literature and in painting, is already strong enough and put it to develop independently, and that the "Golden Fleece" in this regard has already fulfilled its mission... Ending our four-year work, we leave with a quiet confidence that nothing can stifle and destroy those artthe principles for which it fought "the Golden Fleece" (From the editors / / No. 11-12. P.107).

Nikolai Pavlovich Ryabushinsky finally left Russia in the early 1920-х years. He has experienced UPS and downs, periods of well-being and severe crises, but remained faithful to the chosen path. Was the owner of an antique shop in Paris, the organizer of the exhibitions. The last years of his life were spent in Monte-Карло, where he opened a gallery "Blue rose", and after the Second world war — public gallery "Hermitage".

the Exhibition is organized with the support of the Architectural-реставрационной workshop "Faros'".

Source: press-релиз gallery "vellum"

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