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The Hermitage has opened an exhibition "Treasury" in Amsterdam
ARTinvestment.RU   04 февраля 2019

In center "Hermitage Amsterdam" February 2, opened a major exhibition dedicated to 10-летию existence of the Dutch branch of the Museum. Presents more than 300 exhibits spanning 20 thousand years of art development

the Center "Hermitage Amsterdam" on the waterfront of the Amstel river during the 10 years of its existence, showed more than 6 thousand exhibits from the Hermitage collection, held 16 large-scale exhibitions and hosted more than 3.5 million visitors. The jubilee exhibition shows the masterpieces of painting and sculpture, applied art in dialogue with each other and at the same time demonstrates the unique exhibits on the principle of forming the encyclopedic collections of the Hermitage in all periods of its existence (Imperial — Soviet @modern mdas) in the context of the evolution of art. The fundamental failure in the exposition of the unity of time and place of creation of works provides the opportunity for discussions of professionals and Amateurs. The audience is invited to delve into the meaning of existence of art-объектов as such: past and present, and to try to understand how it can change culture in the future.

a Large section of the exhibition — is a masterpiece of the Hermitage collection in the model comparisons or allusions (reminiscentia — recollection, recall, echo, echo).

Among the reminiscences are superb examples of painting: "Madonna and child under the Apple tree" (late 1520-х) by Lucas Cranach the Elder and "Madonna and child with angel" (Madonna delle grazie, 1542) painted by Lorenzo Lotto; "Nude woman (Donna Nuda)" school of Leonardo da Vinci (XVI century) and "the Naked woman" by Henri Matisse (1908); "Saint George slaying the dragon" (circa 1555-1558) Jacopo Tintoretto and the Russian icon "St. George and the dragon" (the first half of the XVI century); "Breakfast" by Diego velázquez (circa 1617) and "the Meal at Emmaus" by Jacopo da Empoli, Chimenti (XVII century). Placed next to a granite statue of the Egyptian king amenemhat III (second half of XIX century BC) and a marble bust of Russian Empress Catherine II the works of Jean Antoine Houdon (1773); the marble torso of Aphrodite Roman work of the II century (the Greek original of the IV century BC) and the bronze sculpture "Spring" by Aristide Maillol (1910-1911); ancient red-figure crater (340-330 BC), and a Russian [email protected]"crater" from porcelain (1831); Sasanian silver dish (first half IV century) and majolica Italian dish (beginning of XVII century); felted figure of a Swan Pazyryk culture (III century BC) and a stuffed Swan, "the Folly of standing on death" (2016), performed by the contemporary Belgian artist Jan Fabre, please; other expressive reminiscences (total 17 pairs exhibits).

this Works in a special relationship to each other: dialogue in historical periods, artistic styles and trends; comparison of General themes and specific details; comparison of author style. It is interesting to examine similar phenomena in their various relationships;to find common and distinctive features; to reflect on the constant pursuit of excellence and to revisit the question of the value of works of art in the modern world, especially if we are talking about the works of recognized masters.

Another section of the exhibition presents an encyclopedic art in the encyclopedic Museum.

the Foundation of the Hermitage was founded by Catherine the great in 1764 with the purchase of a significant collection of paintings from the famous collection of Johann Ernest gotzkowsky. In addition to paintings, Catherine the great acquired the outstanding sculpture, carved stones, rare coins; in the Empress created the jewelry Gallery was located fine jewelry. The gathering of works of art becomes a matter of the whole dynasty of Russian emperors. Each of them, based on their tastes and current artistic trends, has contributed to augmenting one of the best treasures of Europe.

Diverse exhibits included in the exhibition United by the eras, but in combination they constitute a kind of "tape art". The first chronologically was the oldest exhibit from the Hermitage collection — Paleolithic female figurine made of limestone, or Kostenkovsko Venus, 23 created thousands of years ago, with elaborate paraphernalia of fertility. No more palms, awe-inspiring, it is as striking a creation of a civilization of the distant past gives the opportunity not only to delve into the prehistoric ideas about the forces of nature and magic rituals, but also to look back to the beginning of the development of world culture. Among the unique works stand bronze figures of animals and people from Bamborschke hoard (VI–V centuries BC); rare miniature ancient Roman vessel of sardonyx (I C); magnificent Egyptian lamp made of rock crystal (second half of X century) in the precious European frame; the world-famous Freiburg cross (last quarter of XIII century); luxury music Bureau with Apollo the famous work of David Roentgen (about 1784); many other rare exhibits.

In "offices" is a unique thematic collections according to the principle of reporting each of the 12 scientific-хранительских departments of the State Hermitage. So, masterpieces of Western European painting from the collection are: "St. Luke painting the Madonna" (XV century) Rogier van der Weyden, "the stolen Kiss" (1787-1788) by Jean Honore Fragonard "Portrait of Nicholas Recoxa" (about 1621) by Anthony van Dyck, "Sunset" (after 1830) by Caspar David Friedrich and other films. Part of the exhibition includes a magnificent graphic works, executed by Rembrandt, Durer, Dumoustier. Silverware, glass, porcelain, bronze, stone, furniture, weapons and armour, numismatics monuments tell of the wealth and diversity of the Hermitage collection. The exhibition includes a section showcasing contemporary art in the Museum.

Commissioner of the exhibition — Mikhail Borisovich Piotrovsky, General Director of the State Hermitage; curators and authors of the concept of the exhibition — Irina Bagdasarova, senior researcher of the Department of history of Russian culture, State Hermitage Museum, and Vincent Boulet curator of the exhibition center "Hermitage Amsterdam".

the Exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue in Dutch and English.

Sources: hermitagemuseum.org, hermitage.nl

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