Igor Vulokh in the MMSI
ARTinvestment.RU   11 октября 2013

On October 16, an exhibition of Igor MMSI Vulokh (1938-2012)

MMSI, October 16 - November 24, 2013
st. Petrovka , 25

Moscow Museum of Modern Art , the Foundation of the creative heritage of Igor Vulokh and curator Andrei Tolstoy represent major exhibition of art Igor Vulokh (1938-2012).

The exhibition includes approximately 200 works , including early works that brought Vulokh first of fame , the works of the legendary " White period" , the famous graphic cycles to poems and poets Gennady Aygi Tumas Tranströmer and a series of author porcelain , made from sketches of the artist .

Vulokh was a significant figure in the ranks of artists of the 1960s , abstract artist , contemplative , never, however, itself to any association not relate. Conventional search for him had not critical . He liked to put in front of their own goal. Vulokh said, " Getting Started , I decide for themselves what , for example, will not use more than two or three colors and the vertical, so that , being within these boundaries , I squeezed out all that he could, in order to show that I stand . This is a self-test for me , and not some program ... »

He was born in Kazan , in the same graduated from art school. Vulokh was not yet twenty when he became a member of the All-Union Art Exhibition of 1957. His work "Winter" was a great success , and a year later Vulokh arrived in Moscow . In 1960 in Leverkusen (Germany ) hosted the exhibition " Monochrome painting ," where Vulokh exhibited among the forty artists who came from different countries. So Vulokh found in the West .

He was passionate about creating the finest scenery and geometrically arrayed , meditative work. Wildlife fascinated him. But no less attractive for it was dead and nature . While working on a still life , he concentrated on a small object - chips, a piece of bark , stone, and the rest of the world ceased to exist. Brought up in the traditions of Russian paintings of the XIX century , Vulokh always slightly shifted focus .

he was lucky : his life was driving with amazing , extraordinary people . One of the teachers at the school was Victor Podgursky , a gifted teacher, who has lived nearly 30 years in China and is well versed in Chinese culture ; Vulokh was familiar with the major experts on Russian avant-garde and Troelsom Khardzhiev Nicholas Anderson , writer Vasily Shukshin , collector George Costakis , with poets Alex twisted , Toomas Tranströmer and Gennady Aygi .

Vulokh subtly felt not only nature , it is generally felt fine . Perhaps that is what brought him closer to the creation of poetry. He was mostly a loner, always " in itself ", but in the face Aygi found a friend and associate . Vulokh created a series of sketches for his poetry, and devoted Aygi Vulokh cycle of poems . In 1994, the artist created a series of graphics to the poems Tumas Tranströmer , the Swedish poet 's largest XX century and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2011 . Direct , clear language Tranströmer , metaphorical world of his poetry , the pairing of different areas for Vulokh were clear and recognizable, despite the distance between the two countries .

Works of Igor Vulokh exhibited in Russia , USA, Germany , Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Italy , Greece and Japan. His works are included in private collections and in the collections of major museums and galleries around the world , such as the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow ), the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg) , Museum of Contemporary Art of Silkeborg (Denmark), The State Museum of Conceptual Art ( Thessaloniki , Greece ).

Source : press release MMSI

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