Orthodox ancient Serpukhov region show at the Tretyakov Gallery
ARTinvestment.RU   15 апреля 2013

Today at the State Tretyakov Gallery opens an exhibition of ancient art from the collection of the Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum. Represented by icons XV - XX centuries, works of decorative art, manuscripts and printed books

THG, April 15 - July 28, 2013
Corps of Engineers, Lavrushinsky Lane, 12

now in the Tretyakov Gallery presents "Ancient Orthodox Serpukhov region».

icon. Nicholas with his Life. Novgorod, the end of XV century
Wood, gesso, tempera, gilding. 112 x 90
Source: Press Release THG
icon. Transfiguration. Moscow, late XV (?) - Beginning of XVI century
Wood, gesso, tempera, gilding. 31.3 x 25,6
Source: Press Release THG

Over 95 years of existence in the Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum, one of the oldest suburbs, comprehensive collection of Russian and Western European art - more than 40 000 items. Part of this collection - Russian art 1870-1910's - has already been demonstrated in the Tretyakov Gallery in 2008. This time for an exhibition of selected items from the museum's most valuable - collection of ancient art. It includes - icons XV - XX centuries, works of decorative art, manuscripts and printed books.

icon. St. Blessed Prince Dimitry of Uglich. Moscow, 1607
Wood, gesso, tempera, silver, engraving, carving, stone, gilt. 26.5 x 30
Source: Press Release THG
Krest Cross Altar. Greece, Mount Athos, ca. 1627
Wood (cypress), carving. 41.1 x 20,9
Source: Press Release THG

In the 1920's - early 1930's to the museum regularly received work from the nationalized estates, as well as closed monasteries and churches of Serpukhov. However, the basis of the museum's collection of ancient art was nationalized in 1918, a personal collection of Serpukhov fabrikantshi AV Maraevoy (1845-1928), as well as icons and church books of tools built upon it in the years 1908-1912 Intercession Old Believer church.

Monk Sergius. Icon. Our Lady of the Caves. 1688
Wood, gesso, tempera, gilding. 44.4 x 35
Source: Press Release THG
Ikona. icon. Our Lady of Korsun. The beginning of the XVII century
Wood, gesso, tempera, gilding, metal filigree, enamel, stones and glass. 31.1 x 26,4
Source: Press Release THG

At the end of XIX century merchants 1st guild Maraevy, a former serf of Count Orlov-Chesmensky, were among the wealthiest families in Serpukhov. In 1884 he became head of the family AV Maraeva. Being staroobryadkoy staropomorskogo consent, she purposefully collected samples of "piety of old." Maraevskoe collection of icons and manuscripts had been one of the largest collections of Old Believers and highly Moscow province. In the 1920s and 30s of the most valuable pieces have been taken out of Serpukhov. Now they are in the collections of the Tretyakov Gallery, the Central Museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Art. Andrei Rublev Museum of History, and others. Tastes and preferences Maraevoy The characteristic feature of the museum's collection: a fascinating part of it - Old Believer icons and religious books. Most of the artifacts of this exhibition is also associated with the name of AV Maraevoy. Presented monuments XV - XVII centuries from her collection were Old Believers "restoration».

icon. Fiery Ascent of Elijah. Russian North, XVII century. icon. Fiery Ascent of Elijah. Russian north, XVII century.
Wood, gesso, tempera, gilding. 59.6 x 51,5
Source: Press Release THG
Friar Lawrence (?). Icon. Pyatichastnaya. 1702
Wood, gesso, tempera. 62,5 x 58,6
Source: Press Release THG

For a long time the collection of ancient art in the museum has been neglected, many of the exhibits were in poor condition. Only since the 1970's started a serious and systematic work on the restoration and study of icons, church vessels and liturgical vestments. The exhibition includes about 70 icons, works of decorative art and other rarities late XV - XIX centuries. All exhibits have been restored, a number of icons specified authorship and dating.

On display are several iconographic center late XV - beginning of XX century. The oldest icons - "St. Nicholas, with his Life" at the end of the XV century - sample letters of Novgorod. It is the product of the highest quality of performance, perfection painting techniques. As a result of restoration, carried out in 2012-2013, the icon free of darkened varnish and for the first time to face the audience. By Novgorod artistic tradition true icon of the XVI century, "Paraskeva Friday, with Life».

On display are rare and only works in suburban museums Pskov letters - the icon of the holiday rank mid XVI century "Presentation in the Temple", "Ascension", "The Old Testament Trinity».

Art Moscow early XVI century is represented Icon "Our Lady of Vladimir," one of the best lists of the image of the first third of the century XII Meeting Tretyakov Gallery, and "Transformation" of Vysotsky monastery.

Yaroslavsky letter belong to the "Virgin of the Tolga" and "Crucifixion" (both - XVII century).

In the house chapel AV Maraevoy and Intercession Old Believer church icons were posted by painters of Palekh and Mstera XVIII - XIX centuries. Among the works of the "Apocalypse", "Saturday of All Saints" and "Crucifixion" highlighted the complex iconography, subtle jewelry letters sonority paint.

In the first quarter of the XIX century masters Old Believers Vygovskaya written a number of desert portraits of rectors and teachers burnup-Leksinskogo hostel. These portraits were popular among conservatives-bespopovtsev, they were placed in the interior worship houses and dwellings. The exhibition presents one of the most significant on the composition and artistic quality series of 13 portraits belonging AV Maraevoy.

Among the oldest artifacts in the exhibition - made in the 1460-70s Silver Panagia of Serpukhov Vladychny Vvedensky monastery. According to legend, it was owned by the founder of the monastery - Metropolitan Alexy of Moscow.

unknown artist. Portraits of "Pomeranian fathers" ("Old Believer leaders"). Andrei Denisovich. 1813
Tempera, paper filigree. 34 x 21
Source: Press Release THG

In exposure included contribution book Vysotsky Monastery - a unique historical source. The book is adorned with miniatures, of which reproduces the construction of the ancient monastery. By writing XVI - XVII centuries can learn about donation monastery icons and utensils, the existence of it's own icon painters. Monk of the monastery, the monk said in the document Laurence, was supposedly the author of the icon displayed at the exhibition "Pyatichastnaya" (1702). Even earlier, in 1688, there also was donated to the exhibition is included in the icon "Our Lady Cave," written postrizhennikom Vysotsky Monastery deacon Sergius. Both monuments are distinguished rare iconographic harass and high quality beautiful execution. This exhibition - a kind of report on the work of several generations of conservators and scientists Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum.

Source : Press Release THG

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