Retrospective Brassaï in Mamma
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For the first time in the Multimedia Art Museum held a retrospective of the legendary photographer of the twentieth century - Brassaï. The exhibition presents the world-famous photography, and graphic works and sculptures

Mamma, August 1 - October 7, 2012
st. Ostozhenka 16

«There is a lot of pictures full of life, but are quickly forgotten and the unexplained. They do not have enough power, and is the most important "(Brassaï)

In the Multimedia Art Museum is the first large-scale retrospective of the legendary photographer of the twentieth century, the Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters, winner of the Order Legion of Honor and the French National Grand Prize for photographs, images opened in their most intimate secrets of Paris - Brassaï. The exhibition presents not only a world famous photographs, but also drawings and small sculptures, including "Picasso's Head" (1948).

exhibition presents some blocks: the image of Paris of the 1930s, have made known Brassaï, portraits of great artists Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali in the workshops, surreal experimental photographs of everyday objects, works of a series of "Graffiti" (1933-1956), "Nude" (1934) and the legendary album, "Paris by Night" and "Secrets of Paris».

Gyula Halas (1899-1984) took the pseudonym of Brassaï (meaning "from Brasso") in 1924, when he settled in Paris. He first visited this city at age 4 with his father and was fascinated by this city for life.

Brassaï he studied painting in Budapest, then at the Art Academy in Berlin, after which he wanted to dedicate his life to art, in spite of the possible physical consequences of such decisions. He believed that it can be done only in his beloved city - Paris, so in 1923 he moved to Paris and began studying journalism. Editor in chief, with whom he worked, asked him to accompany the test pictures. First he turned to his friends photographers (Kertész, André Rogen, Erzhi Landau), but then he began to illustrate the article. He quickly realized that photography allows you to create these effects and cause such emotions that art is not available. So the world has found a great photographer Brassaï.

The area of ​​agreement. 1945
© Estate Brassaï-RMN
Source: mamm- ​​
Brassaï dog on the stairs. in 1932 Brassaï
dog on the stairs. 1932
© Estate Brassaï-RMN
Source: mamm- ​​

Two album that made him famous - "Paris by Night" (1933) and "Secret Paris". These pictures were a revelation in the 30s of last century. None of the photographer did not have the courage to do the main characters of his work, and frequenters of night festivities of the night city workers, prostitutes, homosexuals. The classic Parisian architecture severity was unusual backdrop for the play strange beauty proskolzayuschih figures of passers-by play of shadows and gloom against the flashes of light. Turning to the bottom of the urban, Brassaï masterful use of artificial scenic effects of urban lighting. He has a series of photographs taken in the light of headlights - blinding, but then disappearing, or the blurred and mysterious lighting gas lamps.

Success came quickly to Brassaï, photographer became interested in magazines. At various times he worked with Minotaure, Verve, Life, Harper's Bazaar, and others for Harper's Bazaar, he not only filmed, but also wrote the stories.

He was familiar with Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Henry Miller, Pablo Picasso - these great artists have influenced the formation of a creative unit Brassaï. He distinguished himself as a talented portrait painter, author of the canonical portraits of many celebrities - Picasso, Dali, Matisse, Giacometti, Michaux, Jean Genet, etc. He was able to accurately convey the amazing psychological state of the model. Brassaï created a chronicle of Picasso, he later wrote a book «Conversations avec Picasso», where the recorded conversations about art and life that they led for more than thirty years of dating.

Brassaï Eiffel Tower. in 1932. Brassaï
Eiffel Tower. In 1932.
© Estate Brassaï-RMN
Source: mamm ​​
Jean Marais poses Picasso. 1944
© Estate Brassaï-RMN
Source: mamm- ​​

in 1948 New York's MoMA held a personal exhibition of Brassaï, which is then shown in the George Eastman House in Rochester (New York) and the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1953, 1956 and 1968 MoMA exhibition again held a French photographer. At the prestigious festival "Photographic meeting in Arles" Brassaï was presented three times - in 1970, 1972 and 1974 (as guest of honor). In 2000, the Centre Georges Pompidou has organized a large-scale retrospective of Brassaï, which includes more than 450 photos.

Source : Press Release Mamma

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