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"The Art of Sculpture: the skill and inspiration"
ARTinvestment.RU   24 декабря 2011

The exhibition at the Russian Academy of Arts is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the creative workshop of academic sculpture under the guidance of Vladimir Tsigal

of Arts, Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery, 13 December 2011 - January 15, 2012
st. Prechistenka 19

Russian Academy of Arts presents the exhibition "The Art of Sculpture: the skill and inspiration," dedicated to 20th anniversary of academic creative workshop of sculpture under the guidance of Vladimir Tsigal.

Since the inception of the studio in 1991 and to date its permanent director is Vladimir E. Tsigal - a master of domestic sculpture, People's Artist of USSR, full member of Russian Academy of Arts.

< td width = "248" bgcolor = "#ffffff"> VE Tsigal and students of his studio

VE Tsigal Born in 1917 in Odessa. As a graduate student at Moscow State Institute of Art, volunteered to go to the front. He participated in the landing at Novorossiysk and Kerch, as well as in other combat operations, the Black Sea and Baltic fleets. In 1945 he was sent to Berlin for the construction of (with L. Kerbel) monuments to the soldiers of the Red Army in Berlin, Zeelove, Kustrin. He was awarded the Order of Patriotic War II degree and military medals.

monumental works of VE Tsigal artist bright , original talent, enormous creative range, installed in many cities of our country and abroad. It is widely known for its monuments, Lieutenant-General D. Karbyshev in Moscow and Mauthausen, Tatar poet Musa Jalil in Kazan, the legendary scout Richard Sorge in Moscow and Baku, the poet Sergei Esenin, the Norwegian polar explorer F. Nansen in Moscow and other large-scale manner, strong plastic form, emotional expression distinguish the memorial complex "Heroes of the Civil and Great Patriotic War" in Novorossiysk. The work carried out in recent years, t . h. bronze sculpture of St. George, mounted on the dome of the Senate in the Kremlin, and the song "Justice" on the building of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (in collaboration with AV Tsigal) show the ordinary skill and tremendous performance of the sculptor. No less significant and easel plastic wizard. a prominent place in her sculptural portraits occupy. The artist creates images, endearing life convincingly, with a depth of human emotions. Sincerity and genuine tragedy differ included in the exposition: "Anne Frank" and "Down with the war !».

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Vladimir Tsigal Down with war!
VLADIMIR Vladimir Tsigal Anne Frank
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More than 100 works made this bright, imbued with the atmosphere of creative exploration exposure. In a single exhibition space, presents the Wizard and a whole galaxy of young sculptors - creative workshop graduates of different years. They are distinguished by commitment to a bright, meaningful story, eloquent, an acute form, meticulous attention to detail, ability to work in a variety of materials - bronze, wood, stone, ceramics, copper , a variety of themes and genres.

In the works of young artists to follow tradition combined with modern plastic thought. Many of us are turning to a classic narrative of the historical and biblical themes ("Entry into Jerusalem. '" Calvary "by J. Yavorsky," King David "," His Highness Prince Daniel "A. Protopopov," Evening Bells "Ponomarev," The Apostle Matthew 'N. Opiok, etc.). Sorokin sculpture embodies the themes of Orthodox icons.

significant exhibition space occupied by sculptural portraits. The main thing in them - the abiding interest in the inner world of human nature and destiny of the individual. Kurochkin has created a gallery of portraits of legendary artists represented in the creative moment creation: Andrei Rublev, Van Gogh, Bourdelle. Impresses expressive image of the poet and philosopher in E. Ponomarenko. an unusual and unexpected interpretation of the image of a great artist and a scientist in the composition of S. Seryozhin "Running Leonardo».

SERGEY Seryozhin Sergei Running Leonardo
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OLGA OLGA Maryanovsky Diana

Acute decorative, extraordinary compositional solutions are the work of young sculptors, including composition V. Kirillov, "Boat," "Soldier," "evangelist", close to the aesthetics of the Baroque. Next to them - an allegorical song "Diana" by O. Maryanovsky. Expression and driving dynamics permeate the song "stroller" by E. Dubrovina. Some of the associative and metaphorical, as' defeated hero "D. Surovtseva, others reported a sharp characteristic way, and still others are attracted to the genre of the composition. At the exhibition we see the historical portraits (" Ermak "K. Kubyshkina" etc.), biblical, mythological subjects, interiors, landscapes , animalistic compositions, scenes of contemporary life and characters of history. Even in the most simple motif that is accessed by artists who have their own emotional depth and ambiguity. In each work, which went on display, shows a bright personality and professional skill of their creators.

VLADIMIR KUROCHKIN Vladimir Andrei Rublev
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VE Tsigal helps to reveal more fully the creativity of young artists. All graduates his studio found his creative method and style. Vladimir E. teaches us not be indifferent art should awaken thought, kindle the imagination, discover new worlds.

IGOR < /a> YAVORSKAYA Igor Log in Jerusalem
rah. ru

VE Tsigal constantly reminded his disciples of the need to include in his work today, to seek new ways of development of plastic art. The basic principles of academic creative studio sculptures are high skill and culture, taste, ability to work independently, ability to fill the actual meaning of the product.

Creative Artists - graduates of the creative workshop of VE Tsigal - multifaceted and significant phenomenon of modern culture. The exhibition is a phenomenon in its entirety, unity and infinite variety of styles and copyright of artistic ideas.

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