"Paris from the window: Marc Chagall and his Circle in Philadelphia
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A large exhibition of works by Marc Chagall and Amedeo Modigliani, Chaim Soutine, Jacques Lipschitz, Hannah and Moses Orlova Kisling held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art, March 1 - July 10, 2011

at the Philadelphia Museum of Art hosts an exhibition of works of" Paris of the window: Marc Chagall and his circle. " Exposure was mainly works from the museum: works Marc Chagall and his contemporaries - Amedeo Modigliani, Chaim Soutine , Jacques Lipschitz , Jules Paskin, Hana Orlov , Moses Kisling . A large array of Chagall's works bequeathed to the Philadelphia Museum of Art American lawyer artist Louis Stern (Louis E. Stern).

works by Marc Chagall often show separately, no matter how what is not similar phenomenon in the art of the last century. The curators of the current exhibition acted differently. According to museum curator Michael Taylor (Michael R. Taylor), works by contemporaries Chagall create proper framing of his work, making them more fun.

exhibition introduces us to Paris in the early period of Chagall, the painter lived and worked side by side with their counterparts in the famous squat "Beehive." Most residents of the artistic colony were from Eastern Europe who had no funds to rent expensive apartments: Lithuanian artist Chaim Soutine, his countryman sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, and many others, plus an Italian sculptor and painter Amedeo Modigliani. Many of them had a significant influence on Chagall.

Marc Chagall
half of the fourth (Poet). 1911
Oil on canvas. 195,9 x 144,8
Source: philamuseum.org
Jacques Jacques Lipchitz
FIG. 1918
Paper on cardboard, watercolor, pencil, pastel. 22,1 x 15,9
Source: philamuseum.org

One of the first works in the exhibition - "Half of the fourth (Poet) "in 1911. According to legend, Chagall painted a certain Russian poet who lived in the "Hive" and a frequent visitor to the artist for a cup of coffee, but the curator of the Taylor believes that it can be a self-portrait. The work is written in the cubist style, and the poet's head is turned upside down. This artist's reaction to a meeting with cubism, says Taylor. " Color palette reminiscent of paintings by the French artist Robert Delaunay, a well-known artist in the squat man Sonia Sonia Terk , Ukrainian women by birth.

Marc Chagall
Paris from window. 1913
Oil on canvas. 135,8 x 141,4
Source: philamuseum.org
Robert Delaunay Eiffel Tower. About 1909 Robert Delaunay
Eiffel Tower.
About 1909 Oil on canvas. 96,5 x 70,5
Source: philamuseum.org

Effect of Robert Delaunay, often painted cubist forms of the Eiffel Tower clearly and in another paper Chagall - "Paris of the window" (1913). This charming picture given the title of the exhibition. Filled with bizarre images of the landscape as seen by the artist from the window of his studio. Here and incredibly close to the viewer to the Eiffel Tower on the background of a translucent, but at the same time, bright French flag. From the sky flying jumper, at the bottom like a floating well-dressed man and woman, under them is flipped upside down train, but for all those watching from the window sill cat. And it is very strange two-faced character in the room. Taylor believes that the artist has depicted himself: one of his face looks to the East in the direction of Russian traditions, and the second - to the west, toward the Parisian modernists.

Before World War I Chagall left Paris in Vitebsk, and returned in 1923, is no longer found in the "Hive" most of his colleagues: many of them have moved into their own studios in Montparnasse. Someone lucky patrons: the American collector Albert Barnes (Albert Barnes) has bought more than 50 works by Soutine, as well as some of the Bulgarian painter Jules Paskin. But Amedeo Modigliani to the success of his work did not survive: in 1920 and he died of tuberculosis.

Since the mid 1920's France began to shake a wave of anti-Semitic statements. One of their targets was a group of Jewish artists living in Paris. They stood up for the French art critic Andre Varna (André Warnod), who has called Chagall, Modigliani, Soutine, Lipschitz, Paskin, Khan and Orlov Moses Kisling best representatives of the School of Paris. Although, in truth, a "school" this union has been difficult to call. They were all modernists, but each worked in his manner. Their works are on display the Philadelphia Museum. Next to the landscape Kisling can see his expressionistic portrait of a red scarf brush Soutine.

HAIM Chaim Soutine
Portrait of Moses Kisling. Around 1930
Oil on canvas. 99,1 x 69,2
Source: philamuseum.org
Marc Marc Chagall
night. 1943
Oil on canvas. 47 x 52,4
Source: philamuseum.org

The latest work of Chagall exhibition - oil on canvas 1943 "Night . The artist depicted his marriage to Bella in the snow Vitebsk. They squeeze each other's arms under a kerosene lamp hanging from the sky. Curators call this picture "the world of dreams, illusions and fantasies».

material was prepared by Maria Onuchina, AI

Source: latimes.com , philamuseum.org , artinvestment.ru

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